Rock climbing @ Kg. Damai, Batu Caves

I joined a rock climbing activity on last 18th February. Okay, i have to admit that it was my first time. Yup, i used to do wall climbing (few times), but rock climbing is definitely new for me. 

I still remember how thrilled i first. When we get there, i was like...."err, isn't that too high?" haha!!! I tried the not-too-high one with the purpose of trying and then i was gonna climb the higher path. But then....

It was raining!!!! So heavy!!!

And i went.. T_T...oh, no!!!! I haven't finish climbing!!! But, what to do, right? The rain was just too heavy so want it, or not...we need to stop...huhu

Overall, it was an okay activity (minus the rain part...huhu...) It's perfect as the food for my adrenaline..hehe..

Oh, i haven't got the pic from my friend. So, no photo (yet). I'll upload few, once i have them, okay!

Da..da!! =)

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