Hiking + Caving @Dabong

Wah, I haven’t written about my trip for such a long time. Nowadays it has always been about my novel and my addiction to a drama…haha

Okay..okay, let’s get back to my last trip to Dabong, Gua Musang, Kelantan. The 3 days 2 nights trip was held on 20th to 22nd January 2012. Yup, it was the time of Chinese New Year.

There were 29 of us (me and my friends from office). We took the night train from KL Sentral to Dabong. It was my very first time taking train, and I was of course so overwhelmed..haha!!

After reaching Dabong at around 7.30 am and having breakfast at the ‘Mok’ Stall, we proceed with the caving activities. There were three caves; Gua Keris, Gua Gelap and….oh, I forgot the name of the other one…=(

~On our way to the caves~

Gua Keris got its name from a stalagmite structure which very much resembles a ‘keris’, Malay’s traditional weapon. As for Gua Gelap…I think it got its name for being dark? Though every caves are dark…haha

~The Keris-shaped stalagmite~

For me, the caving trip was not that difficult. Gua Telinga in Taman Negara is…I think more difficult and challenging. But never mind, it wasn’t the caving trip that was the main agenda. It was the hiking trip!

So off we went to the top!! Err…after 2 and half hours of hiking with full-packed, actually. And it was my very first time hiking with full-packed! Can you imagine having almost 20 kg on my back when I am only 45 kg? That’s heavy!

~On our way to Baha Camp~

We stayed at Baha Camp where we had our camp site arranged and built. And of course rest for one night because the next day will the day of hiking to Gunung Ayam.

The Gunung Ayam trip…hmmm, it was crazy! Okay..okay, not as crazy as Gunung Tahan or Cemerong or Kinabalu. But it was quite challenging as we had to climb for 5 hours to reach the top. And not to mention…it was very steep…and slippery. Well, it was rainy season!

But…the beauty of the top of the mountain made it all worthy. You can see the ‘green’ which you can’t see in KL. The air was fresh..and oh, it was quite cold.

~The scenery~

The trip back to the camp site was…hmmm…wet? Haha, yup…it was heavily raining. All of us were soaking wet and it was soooo slippery. We were like…falling down all the time. We reached our camp site at around 9 pm. Yup, it was night already. And our bodies were aching everywhere. And I just knew that I’m going to go back to KL with bruises all over my body…haha!

~Prayed in the heavy rain..~

Our third day was filled with our trip to the waterfalls. It was really great. We had a really good time at the waterfalls…washing ourselves, eating Maggi (all of sudden, Maggi was so yummy…haha), or just chit-chatting.

 ~The waterfall~

Overall, the trip was awesome! =)

More pics:

 ~One of the boys' bag~

~Structure in the cave~

 ~The 7-wells waterfall~


~The sunrise/sunset watching spot~

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