Hate and hatred

Have you ever hate someone? Feeling like your life would be a lot better without that person messing up everything? And a lot calmer when he/she is thousands miles away from you?

That's....hatred. A feeling so negative that it can turn your life upside down. It's choking you and it's killing you  from inside, without you even realize it. 


One question remains.

Why people hate? What makes a certain someone hate others?

The answer, for sure....will always remain unanswerable. Huh? What am i talking about? Well, i'm just thinking that...if we hate, we have our own reason. Because we used to get hurt, because of jealousy, because of fear, because of prejudice or simply because we don't like the other person's face. 

And sometimes this hatred actually gives us strength to fight, gives us reason to stand tall with straight face, or gives us the feeling of being alive. 


Hatred is actually like a poison. It kills your heart bit by bit. When you hate, you kill a piece of your heart. And the love in your heart is no more. Gone like wind blowing by. 


You would never be happy.

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  1. 100%.. agreed with U..but whatever it is..forgive ..and forget..is the best medicine and solution for hatred..as life has to go on..

  2. setuju juga kak sara... i used to hate someone, tapi saya rasa itu tidak berbaloi. Tapi cara saya, forgive an move on. tinggalkan siapa yang membenci kita, yg penting dalam hati kita tiada dengki :)

  3. @idA: yup, sooo true. when we forgive, we actually give ourselves a chance to have a little serenity in our heart...=)

  4. @okie: btl2 tu. bile kt membenci someone, mmg kite akan selalu rs sakit hati je. mmg x berbaloi, kan? kt plak yg x blh happy...