Game Rai Game Ruk aka Evil Game Love Game

Wah!! Finally!!! Finally I can write my review on GRGR. Ok, ok..i have to admit that I’ve just watched GRGR. Well, what to do? I was seriously, seriously busy with lots of things. Yup, so busy to the point of not having time to watch lakorn…huhu.. And I was like…keep telling myself to watch GRGR and the other lakorns in my to-be-watched list (which A LOT!!)

Ok, back to GRGR. One main point for us to watch this is of course….YADECH!! Yup, our Nadech and Yaya, the….hmmm…currently most popular Pra’nang? Their chemistry on screen is undeniably perfect! And I guess it’s the main reason why they’re always paired together. They are like…Ken-Ann pair, or Tik-Aum pair…

For those who don’t know (which I think not many)…this is the second time Nadech and Yaya are paired together. The last time was in Duangjai Akkanee and…the third one is coming soon in Toranee Ni Nee Krai Krong. Wah!! They really are becoming like Ken-Ann which have…if I’m not mistaken, 6 lakorns together.

The second point for GRGR is its genre. It’s a romantic, dramatic, revenge, slap and kiss genre!! Sounds familiar? Think of Sawan Biang and Jam Leuy Ruk…hehe…

I think I better go straight to the whole story of GRGR before I start to write about SB and JLR…haha!! So, what is this GRGR all about?


This beautiful yet heart wrenching love story is about Saichon, a naïve and innocent man and NangFah, a lovely lady. These two met by the thread of destiny when Saichon, an orphan living in the Min Island found an unconscious girl who was swept away by the tsunami. Saichon helps her, only to find out that she lost her memory and acts like an 8-year old girl. She couldn’t even remember her own name.

Because of her beauty that is like an angel that he used to see in paintings, Saichon names her ‘NangFah’ which means Angel. Saichon takes care of NangFah as a sister. And as they become closer, neither of them realizes that the love has blossoms in their heart.

When Mami, the girl who had a crush on Saichon realizes the closeness between the two, it is already too late…for Saichon’s heart had became NangFah’s and NangFah’s heart had became Saichon’s. When Saengdao, the village head man's wife, knew about this, she tells Saichon to make NangFah his wife because Saichon is a lonely orphan and he should have his own family now.

And so…begins the innocent, sweet and beautiful love story between Saichon and NangFah, without knowing that the danger was drawing near along with their blooming love…a danger named Chompooprae, the only sister of NangFah or Fahlada, her real name. Chompooprae wants to seize the inheritance of the family from Fahlada. She’s in fact only an adopted daughter and all inheritance is in Fahlada's name.

The love of Saichon and NangFah is torn apart when Choompooprae finds them and separate them in a heartbreaking Romeo and Juliet style of separation. Choompooprae takes NangFah back to Bangkok. Due to her very bad condition, Nangfah is given an electric shock. She regains her memory but everything about Min Island and Saichon are all gone…leaving Saichon with a broken heart.

Years after…

Saichon became Charles, a charming, handsome and talented businessman, the CEO of the new airline company in Bangkok. And it seems that his life is still tangled with the thread of destiny...named NangFah who is now known as Fahlada.

They finally meet…

But Fahlada have no idea about Charles, her beloved Saichon, though he is actually the man in her dreams. Charles wants to know the truth if Fahlada is indeed his NangFah and if she is, why she doesn’t remember him, her own husband and everything about Min Island.

As Charles tries to find out the truth, the lies and betrayals of Choompooprae come into the picture. His heart becomes more and more vengeful, for he thinks that Fahlada pretends to not knowing him. The love, the hurt and the vengence in his heart turn him into a man who hurts Fahlada in every possible ways. And Fahlada, without knowing anything gets hurt over and over again by the one man who owns her heart….

The Cast:

Nadech Kugimiya (Barry) as Saichon/Charles

Urassaya Sperbund (Yaya) as Fahlada/Nang Fah

Natwara Wongwasana (Mint) as Chompooprae

Thanawat Wattanaphut (Pope) as Dr.Wattana

What can I say about GRGR??

Hmmm…reminds me a lot of Sawan Biang?? Yup, that’s exactly what I feel. Whenever I see Charles being the bad guy, I see Kawee…hehe…

~This angry man seriously reminds me of Kawee~

I really like the beautiful-innocent-sweet love of Saichon and NangFah, though. It’s like chocolate or lollipop…so sweet! And their love is so innocent, as it is their first crush and their first love. When I watched them, I can feel the…hmmm…what can I say? Sweetness overloaded?? Hehe…

~The sweet Saichon and NangFah~

And then…Charles…oh, dear Charles…you’re such a bad boy. Like seriously…seriously bad! He’s mean…though we can see how much it hurts him to see Fahlada’s tears. It’s breaking him into pieces every time he hurts her, every time she yells at him and tells him that she hates him. We can really feel his heart and his longing for his one love, NangFah/Fahlada.

~Charles and Fahlada~


Me being me…I can’t really accept what he did to her. I mean, come on!!! Why do you have to ‘R’ the girl to show that you love her? Okay..okay, it wasn't really a 'R' scene, but rather 'R' turned to 'willing' but still....quite unacceptable for me..hehe...

Oh,’s lakorn!! That’s what we call ‘slap and kiss’…haha!!

~The wicked Charles~

Overall for GRGR:

One word.....LOVE!!! Yup, i love it!! haha!! Though some of the Charles-Fahlada scenes are quite disturbing, but overall...the whole story is just super, duper fine!!! =)


~Saichon vs Charles~

~NangFah vs Fahlada~

Eye candy ---> Charles (Haha!!)


p/s: i do not own the pictures esp. that beautiful header (at the top). Fully credits to their respective owner..=)

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  1. sara, ada berapa banyak episode? menarik la..cerita ni still on air atau da abis da?

  2. @me: ad 21 episod, n citer ni dh hbs tayang. awk klik je kt link tu, nanti blh tgk dgn eng subs skali...=)

  3. salam kak sara,nk tnye mane akak tgk drama2 thai seme ni??huhu..akak download ke tgk on9 je?
    bes la lakorn2 y akak tgk ni,,=)-aina-

  4. @aina: kak sara tgk on9 kt youtube or vikii, dear..=)
    best kan??? hehe...highly recommended tu....

  5. sara,thanx suggest tengok cite ni..memang best gila..1ari je da 10ep tgk..mmg xjadi keje...huhu..suka gila kat saichon 2..hehe..apa lagi crita yg barry dgn yaya ni berlakon skali eh? ^^

  6. best2!! i pun addict giler dgn game rai game ruk nie... tapi kan i tak rasa yang Charles 'R''s a willing scene..sbabnya, time dia bercumbu2an ada scene yaya teringat kat laki dlm mimpi dia..dia rasa mcm familiar je mamat nie.. pastu, charles slalu ckp kt fah yg dia x rogol sebab fah merelakan..anyway, thanks for the review.. :D epi ada jumpa org yg suka kt GRGR juga...


  7. @suzsuz: well, agk btl awk ckp tu. charles xdelar 'R' sbb fahlada tiba2 ter'rela'..haha! tp kn bnyak adegan attempted 'R' tu...hehe... xpe, nanti sy btlkan sikit statement sy tu...thx sbb highlight kan psl tu..=)

    wc, sy ni mmg suka wat review psl lakorn. ala2 dh jdk promoter lakorn pn ad ni..hehe...=)

  8. @me: ada Duangjai Akkanee. best gak tu. tgklah...hehe..=)

  9. sriously,dr xsuke plakon2 bru ni trus addicted dgn dorg gara2 GRGR ni...bez gler cter ni!!!! lau blh,nk suh rmai rkyt mlysia tgok cter ni..hahha..jtuh cnta trus ngan nadech uh...pastu bru tgok duangjai akkanee,mmg sngal gler mamat nih...hahhah,tp sbb uh la wt rmai org mkin jtuh hati kt si nadech nih..hahha..wtak Fai mmg best!!

    sbb mnat mrgie,rse nk tgok nadech nagn mrgie plak..mustahil ke x??? hehehe

  10. Tremendous and sparkling POPE THANAWAT...!

  11. I recommend u all tgk citer >>RAENG PRADTANAH<< best sangat citer ni.. Nadech pairing dengan Kim..