Why CB mode? Because of Aariz Danial...=)

For the past few days, i've been so into Christian Bautista mode. Okay, okay..not for the past few days, actually. It has been WEEKS since Outbound was officially released...hehe...=)

And also....

Because of Aariz Danial!!!!

Whoa...whoa...wait!! Who is this Aariz Danial guy? 

Well, he is actually the main character in my novel "Jodoh itu Milik Kita" or in English it would means "The Fate is Ours". Yup, he's my imaginary hero...haha!!  

Aariz Danial is what can i say....hmmmm.....the sweetest guy with a very soothing voice. So who's more perfect to play the role other than Christian Bautista?? No one!!! Hehe...=)

The more i look at CB, the more he becomes 'Aariz Danial'...haha!!

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