Oh!!! I want to watch Saam Num Neua Thong


Oh, my!!! I really...really need to find time to watch lakorn again. Saam Num Neua Thong was already aired (two episodes) and i didn't watch it??? How come????

And i haven't even watch Roy Marn yet!!! I've been wanting to watch it and yet, i didn't??? Rak Patiharn, Game Rai Game Rak too! Seriously, Sara...what has happened to your addiction to lakorn???

Oh, i know! Time!! Yes, i just don't have time. It's the end of the year, so my works at office were like A LOT!! 

And then my very first novel is coming out, in mid-January which only means...more works. I love doing anything related to my novel, though. Yup, the promotion things...haha!!

Seriously, i need to find some times to be the lakorn-maniac Sara again...hehe...

I want to watch this, yup..i want to watch this 3 Golden Guys. Wonder which couple i will like more? I think i will root for Mark-Kimberly pair. I don't know...just wanting to watch how the brother-sister in 4 Huajai Haeng Khun Khao turn to couples in SNNT. 


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  1. writer tgk lakorn kat tv mne?


  2. seriously u have to watch game rai game rak 1st.. recommended to u..best sgt!! :D

    congrats 4 ur 1st novel.. suke sgt cite tu :)

  3. @anonymous: sy tgk kt youtube je. tp kn best klu ade tv utk tgk lakorn?? haha!!

  4. @xuanza: yup, planning to. can't wait to wait Yadech again...hehe

    thx 4 d wish..hehe, thx sbb suke citer sy tu..=)