"All That's Left" by Christian Bautista

Finally!!!! I finally have time for blogging. Yup, I've finished writing my very first novel, now waiting it to be published (hopefully soon) and my work in office is also going quite well which means no more worrying of my target and KPI. Fuh...what a relief!! Hehe...

So what do i want to blog?

Hmmm.....let's see. 

Yup, let's talk about my heartthrob, Christian Bautista!!! Hehe.... 

I think everyone (his fans) do know that he just came out with Outbound recently and his "All That's Left" has been topping the chart ever since. So much congrats to you, Ian!!! 


He was in KL!!!! Two weeks ago, i think...to promote The Kitchen Musical (and maybe to promote Outbound too, not too sure). If only i could meet him...haha!!! =)

So, have you seen "All That's Left"? Like usual, Ian is super fine!!! And his voice....owh, there's really no need to mention how beautiful it is, right??? Because it has always been so beautiful!!! Haha!!! 

And the best part of this new song is.....he dances!!! Yup, our balladeer actually dances!!!=)

So let's wait no more and here's "All That's Left" for you!!!

See?? The song is just so sweet...=)

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