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~Tawan Deard~

Before I proceed with my review of Tawan Deard, I think I have to first admit that I don’t really watch it. It’s not that I don’t like it, but there is no Eng subs of TD. There’s only clips of it by Chitte0Aya. But if you watch the clips, you can basically guess the whole story.

TD is what I call a very different lakorn with its cowboy-theme. Yeah, you don’t hear me wrong! It’s cowboy!!! Not in Texas but in Thailand. Where else we could find cowboys in Thailand? It’s in the one and only Tawan Deard!!! Hehe…

TD is the revenge-love plot of lakorn. Yeah, yeah…I know…so typical. You are out for revenge but then out of the blue you fall in love with those you’re supposed to get revenge. Or in this TD case, you fall for your enemy’s daughter. Or to be more precise, your childhood sweetheart-turned-enemy’s daughter. Oh, okay…do I make myself sounds complicated? Haha…whatever, you do know what I mean, right?

So what is this cowboy lakorn all about?

Sneak peak at the synopsis!!!

After the massacre in Fah Roong Farm in Phu Prakarn city, Phupa and Usa, the owner of the farm are killed. There's only Tawan (Mark), their only son who can survive and escape with Saroj, Phupa's best friend.
Saroj believes the manipulator of this massacre is Sakda, Phupa's business partner who wants to seize Fah Roong Farm. Saroj takes Tawan to escape from the hunt and raises him up to be the brave fighter like him. He sends Tawan back to Fah Roong Farm again to find out about the mystery of his family's death.

On the way, Tawan meets Singh (Pope), who becomes his new friend. Tawan decides to change his name to be Suer, so that it will be easier to disguise himself to work in Fah Roong Farm. Unfortunately, he just knows that Sakda had problem with Por Liang Jaran,the influential person in Phu Prakarn until he has to run away out of town to hide himself and leaves Fah Roong Farm with his 2 daughters, PetchRoong (Yaya) and Ploykhwan (Mint) to take care of.

-Credits to wishboniko-

I’m too lazy to write my own synopsis, so just be happy with Wishy’s, okay? Hehe..

The cast:

Mark Prin Suparat as Tawan/Seur

Yaya Urassaya Sperbund as Phet Roong

Pope Thanawat as Singh

Mint Chalida Wijitwongtong as Ploy Kwan

The boys:

~Mark and Pope~
(kyaa!!! handsome...haha!!!)

The girls:

~Yaya and Mint~
(aren't they cute??)

The couples:

Tawan/Suer and Phet Roong (love this pic!!)

Singh and Ploykwan

Credits of photos: I don’t really remember the source of the photos, but fully credits to its respective owners (some of them are thaitv3.com and asianfuse)


 ~Credits to PrinChalidaForum~

Link to this lakorn:

Chitte0Aya (clips only)
Lakorngods (recaps, ep 11 - 16)

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  1. jz know ur blog, bcs of this drama, jz want to let u know TD got eng sub from TheCurvey.

    1. oh, jess! thx so much, dear. will be looking for it..;-)

  2. baru nak bg thu de TD yg org sub nye..:) nmpk nye im late by a step