My favorite couple of Tawan Deard : Singh and Ploykwan!!!

~Credits to nutty203 for this beautiful pic~

Okay, I have to admit that I like TD not because of Mark and Yaya. Well, I do personally like them but their love story in TD is just not into me.

Instead I was so much in love with Singh and Ploykwan!!!

Yeah, yeah I know….I got my second hero syndrome. Just like how I was into Yi Jung and Ga Eul of BOF, or Jason and Pilsuk of Dream High, or Kong and Pee of Proong Nee Gur Rak Tur.


Who won’t fall for Singh’s character? He made Tawan Deard so alive!!! He’s cute, playful, naughty, sweet and what’s more…he has this adorable puppy eyes, which reminds me of a kitten…hehe

And…..he’s so much in love with Ploykwan, though knowing that she like Suer (spoiler: her feeling for Suer is actually a sister’s love for her long-lost brother). I like the fact that Singh has never force Ploykwan to accept him, always be there for her and never stop waiting for her. It’s just….sooooo sweeeet!!! And for that, Ploykwan finally sees the value of his love…=)

The Singh-Ploykwan moments!!

 ~I can't take it if anything happen to you~

 ~This is what i want from you~

 ~Let's pray for our love life~


Ready for Singh's adorable puppy eyes???

Ploykwan: Hey, stop looking at me with that kind of look!!
(Now you do feel bad, gal?? hehe..)

 Ploykwan: I'll find a girl for you. Just tell me her name.
Singh: Khun Nu...
(This is what Singh calls her..'Miss')

Ploykwan: I still have chance with Suer
Singh: ........... (with the saddest look on his face)

Okay, he's seriously...seriously adorable!!!! Who can resist that cute puppy eyes?? Haha!!!

p/s: credits to All About โป๊ป ธนวรรธน์ FB page for the photos of Pope and Mint

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