Current obsession ---> Pope Thanawat!!!

~Tawan Deard~

I watched Tawan Deard recently. You know, that lakorn with Mark Prin, Yaya Urassaya, Mint Chalida and Pope Thanawat. At first I thought I would not really get into Tawan Deard though I do like Mark, Yaya and Mint. I was like…cowboy-revenge plot is not really my thing! But then, I went “Hey, how about giving it a try.”

And…I love it!!! Okay, to be more precise…I fell in love with Singh, our second Pra’ek played by Pope Thanawat. He’s just soooooo cute and adorable!! And when he looked at Ploykwan with his puppy eyes and longing look, I feel like hugging him…haha!!! You know this feeling when a little kid look at you, and you feel like hugging, cuddling, kissing the kid? Yes, that’s how I feel!!

~Singh and Ploykwan~

And so begin my fanatic fan mode. Pope is actually new in the industry. And it seems that he became popular quite fast. Well, of course. He’s just super fine!!! Hehe..

I watched his scenes in ‘Dok Som See Thong’ with Chompoo Araya. He played Nat soooo well that I can feel the pain in his heart. And again, he put on his puppy eyes and when he cried, I went…”Huwaaa!!”

Right now I’m waiting for ‘Game Rai Game Ruk’ (Nadech and Yaya). Pope is going to act as a kind doctor alongside Mint Natwara. See the similarity of Pope and Mark? Both get to act with the two Mint, Mint C and Mint N.


Name: Thanawat Wattanaphuti
Nickname: Pope
Date of birth: September 13, 1985
Height: 179cm

More pics of Pope:

p/s: credits to the owner of the photos.

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  1. salam.
    where can i watch lakorn movies with subs?. haven't found any of thai movies/series complete with subs. :(

  2. salam,

    you can watch it on YouTube, search for wishboniko, kudalakorn and anonymousblue2001 channel. there're more channel which subs the lakorns actually, but these three are the most active. and they subs good lakorn with high rating, too..=)

    as for Tawan Deard, nobody complete the subs (as far as i know) but you can find the clips with english subs on YT.

    hope this info can help you..=)

  3. Wow... Such a malaysian loves lakorn... Thank you...