Born As A Woman

Is it easy to be born as a woman?
The answer lies in every woman's heart.
There are times when we think 'yes' and there are times when the 'yes' turn to 'no'.
"Yes, it's easy to be a woman.."
"No, it's not easy..."

Whatever it is, a woman is a woman. We're strong in our very own way. Yes, we do not have the strength of a man, the physical strength but a woman's strength lies in our emotion, our heart, our soul and it is called 'LOVE'....

Our tears are not a symbol of weakness. They are to wash away the hurt, the pain in our heart, so that we can get up again and fight back. 

And we will not stop fighting until the end....


Okay, the above is my opinion of being a woman. How about looking at other perspective? Or to me more precise, a darker and sadder side.

'To be born as a woman, it is actually a hard job...'

This is an OST of Pim Mala. I like the song so much!! It is very sad but it really shows our emotion as a woman.

~credits to Winter Nightingale~

So what do you think? The song and lyric are beautiful, right? 

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