World Suicide Prevention Day

September 10, it's a date which has no meaning whatsoever except for those who celebrate his/her birthday. But do you know that there is more to September 10 than just an ordinary day? 

Yes, today is actually World Suicide Prevention Day. Honestly, i have no idea about it until yesterday when i heard the news in radio. And i went..."Oh, it's suicide prevention day!"

When we heard the word suicide, people tend to say cold words such as 'stupid', 'pathetic', 'idiot'....but do we really know the feelings of those attempt to commit suicide or actually succeed in killing themselves? Well, i don't. I just don't know and frankly speaking, i hope i know. So that i won't judge them unfairly. I don't want to say things like "They're stupid!" or "They don't love themselves, so just let them die!!" That's cruel...

Malaysia was once shocked with the suicide of a young man who killed himself after posting a countdown in his Facebook. Yes! He actually put a countdown on his FB. And until now, his family is still fighting with the sorrow of losing their loved one. Though people said it was because of love, i personally think that his family is still looking for the real answer. For that guy, rest in peace....

Thinking back, i have no right to write about suicide, because i know nothing about it. I've been living in my beautiful little world, with the love that i get from people around me and it seems that i have luck by my side. But when i heard news of suicide, i just can't stop myself from thinking of the 'why'....

Why people try to hurt themselves?

Why people try to kill themselves?

 Because of broken heart?

Because of hardship?

Because of stress?

For sure, there will be no enough reason. One thing i can say, please think of those people who love you. Because when you commit suicide, you might have ended your pain and sorrow, but you actually 'transfer' the pain and sorrow to those who love you. They will be left with the hurt of not knowing 'why', of not able to save you and...with the question....

"Does my love for you is not enough to keep you living?"

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