Mia Taeng aka Wedded Wife

~Mia Taeng aka Wedded Wife~

Oh, my!! It seems like a very loooooong time since I blogged about lakorn. How I miss writing about handsome-childish-over jealousy Prang’ek, beautiful-kind-a little stupid Nang’ek and not to forget...hateful-liar-sexy Nang’rai…hehe…

So it’s time for another lakorn review!! I’m soooo going to blog about my currently addicted lakorn. And it’s Mia Taeng aka Wedded Wife with Rome and Chompoo Araya. I just love it!! I’m totally hooked to this right now. Believe me, if you watch Mia Taeng, you will definitely fall for him and also his calm wifey, Arunprapai.

~Khongkhai and Arunprapai~

What is it all about? Let’s take a sneak peek into the synopsis!!


Mia Taeng aka Wedded Wife is a story of self-value, trust, love and conspiracy. It centers on the life of Khongkhai (Rome), Arunprapai (Chompoo) and Blom (Benz).

Khongkhai is a playboy who came from a high-so family whereas Arunprapai is a normal girl to a normal family. Their life was entangled with the thread of destiny when Khongkhai’s mother demands him to marry Arunprapai, the daughter of a woman who once saved their family. Khongkhai refuses saying he already has a girlfriend, Blom.

They first met in an elevator where Arunprapai immediately recognized Khongkhai as her future husband and develop instant dislike towards him for his player attitude. Khongkhai tries to hit on Arunprapai unknown to him that she is the girl of his mother’s choice. Their meeting starts off with bickering and Arunprapai becomes the first woman who smacks Khongkhai’s ego. They finally marry, still with hatred for each other. The marriage marks a war between Arunprapai and Blom.

Khongkhai turns into an overly jealous husband and he keeps insisting that Arunprapai is a bad woman whom loves having guys fighting for her. Arunprapai goes along with whatever her husband thinks of her and never really shows her emotion or weakness in front of him. Unknowingly to Khongkhai, his jealous attitude makes him pays more attention to Pai instead of Blom.

As time goes on with all sorts of evil things caused by evil Blom and her family, Arunprapai stays by her husband’s side. Never once she leaves him just like a Mia Taeng or a wedded wife, the term for a wife who stays by her husband through his bad. Khongkhai falls in love with his wife, a love so deep that he cannot live without her anymore….

-End of synopsis-

What I like about this lakorn??

Everything! Yes, everything!! For me, Mia Taeng is different from those usual slap-and-kiss lakorns. Okay, the storyline is cliché --> force marriage between angel Nang’ek and playboy Prang’ek. But we have NO stupid-too soft-crybaby Nang’ek, NO too mean-too ego Prang’ek.

Yup, I just love Aruprapai character. She’s strong!! And I love how Khongkhai transforms into a good guy because of his love for her. Their relationship is very well-developed. We can see how they start to fall for each other, and how they try to protect each other. That’s what we call as ‘the beauty of love’.

And….i just love how people around Khongkhai keeps reminding him of how lucky he is for having Aruprapai as his wife. It’s like a message for him (and husbands all over the world) to appreciate his wife for a wife who stays by his side in his ups and downs is a treasure. She is a treasure that is more valuable than everything in the world. So, husbands out there….do respect and appreciate your good wife!! =)

Oh, yeah! Mia Taeng has ended last week…huhu, I will surely miss it…


~Credits to Anonymousblue2001 for both trailers~

Link to this lakorn:

LakornGods_Mia Taeng (They write the best recaps!!)

P/s: Shasha, Blom’s gay bestfriend is actually her boyfriend in real life.

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  1. arghhh!!! mcm mana blh trlpas pndang lakorn ni kt ur blog..cter ni mmg bez gler.sbb nangek xlemah..trm ksih =)

  2. @anonymos: yelar, cm ne blh terlepas ni? hehe... up, citer ni mmg best sgt2!! suke sbb nang'ek x lemah..=)

  3. sori, tp cemane nk tgk cite nih eh? sy dh cube cri yg eng sub. tp xde.. T_T

  4. @anonymous: err, actually sy dh letak link kt entri atas ni..=)