The Kitchen Musical

When I first saw the ad on NTV7...i was like, ‘Hmm, is this some kind of musical drama?’ And then the cast…okay, first we got Stephen Rahman Hughes and then….its Christian Bautista! And I went…

‘OMG!!!!!! It’s Christian Bautista!!!’

Yup, I’m a big fan of him, though he’s not that popular in Malaysia. But I know he’s a big sensation in Indonesia. As for Phillipines, no need to mention his stardom in his own country, right? Mind you, he’s the number 1 balladeer in Phillipines.

Okay, back to ‘The Kitchen Musical’. Fusing both Glee-style musical elements and culinary themes, it is a music-dance-drama revolving around the story of a rich girl who goes to work at a restaurant after graduating from famed Paris culinary school Le Cordon Bleu.

The show, through music, song and dance, will follow the trials and tribulations of Maddie as she begins a journey of self-discovery. She goes to work at her father's restaurant, The Avilon, and learns that she cannot always get her way by being Daddy's girl.

The Kitchen Musical is set to dazzle TV viewers across Asia in October, with broadcasts in Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and 12 other countries.

The cast:

~Karylle Tatlonghari as Maddie Avilon~

 Maddie is a fresh graduate of Le Cordon Bleu joined as the sous chef in her father's restaurant. She struggles to show her individuality and creativity in the hands of the head chef.

~Stephen Rahman Hughes as Alex Marcus~

Alex is the executive chef of The Avilon, known for his notoriety for perfection. He will not expose and risk his kitchen nor his heart to failure.

~Christian Bautista as Daniel Ray~

Daniel is Maddie’s childhood friend and her shoulder to cry on. But he is a wild card. While he is the unassuming and supportive yet he would have the most to gain if Maddie leaves. After all, he is the other sous chef!

~Arthur Acuña as Harry Shaw~

Harry is the general manager of The Avilon. He keeps secrets from Maddie on her father's motive for letting her work in the restaurant.

~Rosemary Vandenbroucke as Selena Argon~

Selena is the sommelier of The Avilon who do everything to get what she wants. She has a deep desire to get rid of Maddie and win Alex's heart.

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