Waiting for.....Saam Num Neua Thong aka 3 Golden Guys

Saam Num Neua Thong aka 3 Golden Guys (2011 version)

I sooooo wanna watch this!!! Remember some of these people? Yes, it's Mark and Boy!! Our heartthrobs from Wayupak Montra and Pathapee Leh Rak. And also, it's Kim from Thara Himalaya.

So, yes! It's like a reunion of 4 Huajai Haeng Khun Khao, reunion for the quadruplet. Unfortunately, Nadech is not here and Kim is no longer Mark's sister, instead they will be a couple. 

If i'm not mistaken, at first they wanted Nadech to be one of these Golden Guys, but he is just too busy with other lakorns and CF. So they replaced him with Ken Phupoom, our next-in-line heartthrob Prang'ek..haha!!! He's cute, don't you think so??

This lakorn is actually the 2011 version of an older one (1998). 

A brief synopsis of this lakorn:

The lakorn is “Saam Num Neua Thong (3 Golden Men)”, a modern take on love of 3 amigos with different personalities who happen to be best friends.

First we have Teetat, originally portrayed by Thanakorn Posayanon, he is a playboy who owns a construction company. He loves life, partying, and his freedom. He lives with his girlfriend and they have an open relationship. Eventually he will fall for the cheerful Lamphao, a veterinarian and the cousin to one of his best friend Kritchai. In the 2011 remake, newcomer Ken Phupoom will be playing Teetat and “Toey” Jarinporn Junkiat is Lamphao. They are the lakorn’s bickering pair. Teetat once insulted Lamphao, saying he will never eye her as a love interest, which really ticked her off and they have been arguing ever since.

Secondly we have Watchara, the honest police officer. Watchara has been in relationship for years, but has doubts. His girlfriend wants to get marry, but he has been stalling it. He eventually finds true love with the unselfish Fai, originally played by Kem Rujira. ‘Pip’ Ravit Terdwong was the original Watchara. In the new version, Boy Pakorn is, and his nang’ek Fai will be played by newcomer Marie. Sorry, I couldn’t find out her last name.

Lastly we have Kritchai and Arunsri, they work for the same company. Kritchai is a good guy, unlike his friend Teetat, he is not a playboy or lively. He is sincere with his feelings and secretly has a crush on Arunsri, but she has a boyfriend and is very faithful to him. Her boyfriend however is absolutely horrible, he has a gambling addiction and has always been unfaithful to her. When he dies, she begins to look at Kritchai in a different way, a man who is always on her side, ready to help her in every way possible. The new Kritchai and Arunsri is Kimberley Anne Woltemas and Mark Prin, the originals were Pok Piyatida and Jakkrit Amarat.

Their relationships:

Kritchai, Watchara, and Teetat are good friends.
Lampao is Kritchai’s cousin.
Kritchai works with Arunsri.
Fai is Arunsri’s best friend.

~Credits to Lyn @ iheartlakorn~

Fitting interview:

~Credits to Chtite0Aya~ 

See??? Ken is cute, right?? Though among these 3 guys, my no.1 guy would be...none other than Mark Prin!!! Haha!!

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  1. penah tgk cite So SANAE Ha?cite dia best!pelakon pun mantop!cantik-hensem...cite dia dh lme mse thun 2003 .... ^_^

  2. So Sanaeha yg aum and oil berlakon tu kan? citer tu prnh ade kt tv rsnye. saya prnh t'tgk tp x tgk penuh...hehe