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~Sawan Biang~

One of my friend, OkiE a.k.a WitcH asked me to write more review on lakorns that I watched. And since I watched too many lakorns…it’s just too impossible to write about all of them. So I will write about the lakorns that I think worth-watching, be it old lakorns or new lakorns.

So, here I am!!! This time it will be about ‘Sawan Biang’. Yeah, yeah I know. It’s a not-so-new lakorn (2008). But who cares?? It’s one of the highest-rating lakorn. And if you’re into Ken-Ann pairing, it’s a must watch for you.

Frankly speaking, I don’t really like Ken’s character (Kawee). He scared the hell out me!!! Seriously, he’s like one of the most sadistic Prang’ek out there. When I watched Sawan Biang and read comments like “Oh, I don’t mind being ‘R’ by a hot guy like Kawee”, I went “What??? Is this girl crazy or what?”

For me, I don’t care whether he’s handsome or hot, that guy treated Narin (Ann) bad, really bad. He physically and emotionally abused her. He’s a bad guy!! A bad guy is a bad guy. Full stop!

If I were Narin, there’s no way I would accept him after everything that he has done to me, no matter how much he regretted his actions, and no matter how much he begged for forgiveness.

But of course, it’s a lakorn. Prang’ek don’t get caught by the cop instead they got married with the Nang’ek..haha!!


Leela is going to get married in a few days but unfortunately, she and her groom have an accident. Her groom dies but she survives. Kid, their litigant, also loses his wife in that accident either. Anyway, he helps Leela for her medical treatment costs and takes care and restore her mind's state.

After he knows about Leela, he falls in love with her and proposes her to marry him. Though she doesn't love him, she accepts to marry him. Later, when she knows that he has a son named Kawee (Ken), she want to take revenge on him because Kawee is a guy who she used to fall in love with when she was young, but he returns her with his arrogance.

Kid allows Leela to bring her family to live with him, so she bring her younger sister, Narin (Ann), younger brother, Rermrerk and her mother to live together. That enrages Kawee who disagree with his father's new marriage. When he knows that his new stepmother is younger than him and she is Leela, he hate her family too. He often quarrels with his father until one day, Kid is too tense because of quarreling with his son and has a heart attack and dies. Kawee is very sorry that he causes his father's death.

After Kid's funeral, his will is revealed to halve his property for Kawee and Leela, but he doesn't allow them to sell his house. Kawee and Leela's family live in the same house separately, but Leela who loves and hates Kawee keep nagging and arguing with him. Kawee hates his stepmother because he thinks that she steal his father's love from him.

When Kawee live in the same house with Narin, he always put his hatred and anger on sweet Narin, Leela's sister, every time when he quarrels with Leela. With Narin's beauty and her sharp talk, Kawee involuntarily falls in love with her and keep being jealous of Pawan, a guy who has a crush on her.

~Credits to


~Ken Theeradeth as Kawee~

 ~Ann Thongprasom as Narin~


 ~Credits to Wishboniko~

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  1. wah...thank you Sara, really appreciate it!
    nanti saya tengok <3 :)

  2. fuhh...tak rugi tengok drama ni, saya suka sangat...thanks sbb recommend drama ni <3
    dah siap tengok tadi... hehe

  3. dh hbs tgk? serius???? wow, cepat btl!!! haha!!!
    kan? kan?? citer ni mmg best...mmg one of my fave..=)

  4. ann cocok banget meranin karakter about kaew tah pee,,

  5. yup, ann cocok banget!! tmbh cocok sbb heronye ken..hehe
    kae tah pee? suker jugak!! my fave lakorn...=)

  6. salam korang .. korang download ktne ahh cite nie ?? xtau lerr ..

  7. best sngat..tpi bleh x bgi thu link selain youtube utk tngok cite ni dalm eng tube ade sepruh je y ade eng sub......pleassss????

  8. Cerita ni best sangat...kalau mnat hero dia ken boleh la tgok citer weewa wah woon plak...yg tu lagi best...saya confirm tak berhenti ktw...a.k.a HUSTLED WEDDING