What makes you think you're in love?

People said you know that you're in love when you cannot stop thinking about that ONE person and you feel like your heart is going to burst. And you feel like you have this butterfly in your stomach.Well, is it really true?

And when i asked my friends, some of them couldn't even answer. But truthfully, NO answer is THE answer, right?

When you fall for someone, you have no idea why. You just fall in love with that person. Even if you tell yourself that you don't want to fall for him/her, you cannot stop yourself. 

It's like your heart is not belong to you. And you definitely cannot control your heart anymore....

P/S: I don't believe in that popular 'Love is Blind'. True love makes people see, not blinded them...

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  1. kak sara pun nak wat pengakuan....
    samalah kita...haha!!!