Thai gossip???

You know, as a lakorn maniac i actually know more about Thai entertainment and their gossips compared to Malaysia's own entertainment's gossips. Haha, yeah i know. I can't be saved anymore. I'm just TOO into lakorn already, to the point of me stalking the gossips of the Prang'ek and Nang'ek (thanks to internet). Haha!!!

When i told my friends that i actually know the name of the actors and actresses in the lakorns, and also the gossip involving them, my friend went...."WHAT???"

Yup, i know about the Pinky case (her being the third wheel and now she's in Netherlands), i know about Aump's break up with her hi-so boyfriend, i know about the non-ending Annie and Film' story (it's the most ridiculous story, seriously getting on my nerves already), and the latest story involving our young heartthrob, Nadech. They said he's into drugs!!

What???? NO WAY!!! Nadech on drugs?? That is like the most impossible thing among the impossibles. Honestly, i really hope he's not. Well, he BETTER not!! I like him and i soooo don't want him to have anything to do with drugs. Well, let's just wait and see....

p/s: now eagerly waiting for "Saam Num Neua Thong" a.k.a 3 Golden Man with Mark, Boy and Ken...=)

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  1. saya pun ada terbaca dekat iheartlakorn...memang tak percaya...

  2. yup, seriously unbelievable!!!