Lakorn marathon???

It seems like a loooong time since i last wrote about lakorns. Yup, i'm still a lakorn maniac!! You know what i've done last night? I went 'lakorn marathon'!! I didn't even sleep and.....i was actually scheduled to have meeting at 9.00 in the morning. 

That's crazy!! I went for meeting with this 'blur' look on my face. You know, this look that you have when you are lack of sleep. Yup, that was me this morning, though i think i successfully cover it up with my make-up..hehe

So what lakorn did i watched last night?

At first, i watched Tas Rak (Matt, Cheery, Por and Janie). I love it!!! I'll write about it some other time.

And then i went from "Tas Rak" to "The Moonlight Crown" (Andrew and Rita). Yeah, yeah..i know. 'The Moonlight Crown" was an old lakorn. It was aired in 2009, i think. But it never really grabbed my attention until last night. I don't know why, but i just feel like watching it. So, yup...i ended watching it for the whole night..hehe...

I'll write my review about both lakorns later, okay! 

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  1. wah saya nak tengok juga... awak ada disc nya terus kah awak tengok online?
    dekat mana ya?

  2. sy tgk online, kat you tube. try search 'wishboniko', that channel mmg source of good lakorn. channel lain yg best r 'starsubbing team', 'kudalakorn' dan jugak 'ananymousblue2001'. kt vikii pn blh tgk gak...

    actually satu-satunyer cd lakorn yg sy ade is citer kaew tah pee. awk dh tgk blm citer 2??? that's my fave among fave..(byk sgt fave sbnrnye ni...hehe). klu nk tau lbh lanjut psl citer 2, blhlar click kt bah. lakorns blh kanan ad ltk link jugak...=)

  3. dah baca semua review awak....buat saya nak tengok saja. sy pun lakorn maniac juga ni..hehe
    saya nak tengok yg vampire tu Ruk Mai Mee Wan Tai, tp tak suka viiki...saya nak dwnld :)

  4. oh, dh bc sume?? thx, and of course, tgk jgn x tgk, lakorn best kn??? hehe...

    RMMWT download version ade ke? klu ad, nk gak dwnld. blh ar ulang2 tgk. nk bkk vikii byk kali, mmg malas...hehe

    p/s: vampire hensem tu sy punye tau...hahahaha!!!

  5. saya guna i'net dwnld manager...kalau ada torrent lagi best, tapi macam tak da pula..hehe
    lakorn best, cuma tak suka bila hero seksa heroin, kesian...tapi tetap tengok juga...

    vamp. tu mmg hendsem! dia ada lakron baru lagi ka?

  6. a'ah, mmg x suke bile ade bab2 seksa2 ni. ganas btl. tp bile baik tu, serius romantic n sweet sgt2. hero ni sume ad double personality ke ape?? haha!!

    stkt ni blm dgr lg psl lakorn br die. believe it or not, citer vampire tu was d very first time die berlakon. sbb dome pakorn tu mmg penyanyi je sbnrnye...

  7. ya...saya baru ja baca profile dia semalam...mmg hensem la dia tu..cair saya tengok dia senyum..hehe

    setakat ni, dah berapa byk lakorn yang awak dah tengok? boleh buat review tak sbb saya ni dah demam lakorn..hehe

  8. actually, mmg byk sgt lakorn yg dh sy tgk. dh x tau brp byk. so nk wat review utk sume, rsnya mmg agk tak boleh lar kot. x larat den..haha!!

    xpe, sy akn wat review utk lakorn yg sy rs btl2 best. nanti sy akn tulis entri br psl lakorn tu...=)

  9. thanks sara... saya memang perlu review sangat skg sbb terlalu byk pilihan...hehe