Happy World Milk Day!!! =)

Do you have any idea what's so special about today? About 1st of June?? Nope, you don't? Honestly, i don't either until one of my friend told me that 1st of June is actually World Milk Day. Yes, people...it's World Milk Day. So Happy World Milk Day!!!! Though i doubt if those people who hate milk would be happy about this...hehe

So, why do we celebrate World Milk Day?

Milk is a near perfect food source loaded with nine essential nutrients needed daily to keep bodies healthy and strong. As an industry leader, DeLaval has been working to drive progress in milk production since 1883. Today, we provide sustainable dairy solutions for more than 1,000,000 dairy producers around the world – everyday.

Making a difference in the lives of more than 852 million people worldwide who suffer hunger pains everyday is a huge undertaking. FAO believes no single individual, organization or sector can solve the problem alone; therefore DeLaval has partnered with FAO to help achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals. We share knowledge, pool resources and work together to create sustainable dairy solutions impacting our customers economically, socially, environmentally and with respect for animal welfare.

~Credits to worldmilkday.com~

I seriously can't believe that i don't know about this 'World Milk Day'. Thanks to no-ads whatsoever...

Again, i would love to wish the world....


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