Happy Saturday!!!!

It's weekend, yay!!!! After what it seems like looooooong week, with lots of work in office, and also meetings to attend, now it's weekend!!! 

Oh, i'm sooo happy...=) It's time to rest and time to write my manuscript for 'Jodoh itu Milik Kita'. Oh, My!! I'm seriously in need of finishing it...hehe. But before that,  there's one thing i need to do. And that would be....attending my reunion this evening!!!

Yup, i'm having a reunion with my ex-coursemates today. After quite a long time not meeting them, hmmmm...i'm wondering, what has happened to each and everyone? I know we are not that different from the last time we met considering it wasn't that long since we graduated from uni. But still, i'm quite excited...haha!!!

So, what are you going to do today? Whatever it is, enjoy your Saturday!!!

p/s: remember tomorrow is Father's Day...=)

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  1. Assalam,

    have a great weekend and reunion. Can't wait to read further of Jodoh itu Milik Kita.

    We celebrated Vatertag (Father's day) on 2nd of June, so tomorrow is just a normal Sun. Hope not as stormy as now.

  2. Waalaikumussalam,

    thanks, i did have great reunion and i met two babies. two of my ex-coursemates had their first born baby two months ago. Owh!!! they're just toooo cute!!! =)

    vatertag? so, you're in Germany? i never knew that German celebrates Father's day on 2nd of june...hehe