KL Sentral

KL Sentral Masterplan

I decided to meet my Japanese friend in KL Sentral since it was the easiest place for a meet up. I mean, as a Malaysian of course i know KL Sentral and how to go there. And as for a tourist like him, it won't be problem too since KL Sentral is like a centre for all transportation, ranging from the ERL train to airport, buses, LRT and komuter.

I met him at 8.00 am and we had breakfast together. We had Malaysian famous 'Nasi Lemak' and 'Teh tarik' at one of the coffee house in KL Sentral. There are lots of choices of restaurants and cafe. And also, there are lots of small outlets where you can find interesting stuffs like bags, head scarf, watches, shoes and so many more. It's like a small shopping area and you can find them on both first floor and second floor.

KL Sentral at night

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