My first 'cerpen'....=)

OMG!!!!! I'm sooooo happy today. You know why? Because my very first 'cerpen' or short story was published in penulisan2u. And so far i get positive feedbacks from the readers. Yay!!! =)

Here is the link (Kisah Aku dan Dia). Please read it and feel free to drop any comment. I would really love to know what you really think of it.

A little synopsis of the story:

Irissa Maisara.....never once she fell in love, never once she knew how it is like to be in love until the day she decided to meet a man who will then changed her life, her future and.....her history.

Muhammad Nazril......never once he forget her, never once he stopped looking for her until the day he finally found her, the woman who has haunted him for as long as he can remember....

P/s: penulisan2u is fully in Malay

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