Karm Wayla Tharm Ha Ruk

~Kham Wayla Tharm Ha Ruk~

When i first know love, i fell in love with you

But we are not meant to be together

And now i had a chance to make things right

For this second chance, the times will be ours....

Kham Wayla Tharm Ha Ruk aka Crossing Time in Search of Love is a story of love beyond boundaries, and most ultimately beyond times!

This lakorn is my must-watch lakorn since they first announced that they were going to make it. However i still haven't watch it yet, thanks to my limited times...huhu.. I seriously need to spare some times for it!! I think the first thing that attract me to watch KWTHR is the main cast. I mean, it's Bie Sukrit and Nok Sinchai!!! Well, Nok Sinchai has always been my favorite adult nang'ek. She's just beautiful for someone her age. If i were to grow old, i really wish that i can grow old as gracefully as her...=)

Without further ado, let's check out the synopsis!!


Kham Wayla Tharm Ha Ruk took place in 1982. It's a story of a man named Peth (Bie Sukrit), a singer at a night club who dreamed of becoming a famous singer. Phet had a girl friend named Phraepim (Vill) who was there for him, giving him encouragement.

Phraepim's father did not like Phet and arranged for an engagement between Phraepim and Phit. Pim and Phet ran away together. One day Pim and Phet went to a festival at a temple. They had an argument. Phet walked away from Pim and went to talk to a fortune teller. Phet met with a powerful spiritual man, Sai-ngam as in a name of a spirit guarding an ancient tree. The guardian spirit knew that something bad was about to happen to Phet. The spirit then used its power and sent Phet to the year 2011 so that Phet could see the future.

Phet was sent 19 years into the future. He met Pim (Nok Sinchai) again at the age of 43. Pim had a daughter named, MeuanMai (Grand). Phet was so happy and thought MeuanMai was his daughter. Phet later found out that Pim married to Phit. Phet was devastated. He came back to his old house (the house that he used to live 19 years ago). Everyone at the house was scared and thought he was a ghost. Phet then found out that he died the night of the festival.

Phet decided to live his life in the present time. He wanted to find out the reason of his death.
Phet would find ways to get closer to Pim. He applied for a position at Pim's music school. He changed his name to Pat. Phet met Guy, a self center rich kid and Khit (Tono), a kid at a coshop who loved to sing, Pin (Namtan) who was very ambitious and wanted to become famous. Phet also met with Obe-Sroun (Radkrao) and Tor (Oh Anuchyd), who are very close to Pim and have helped Pim all these years. Phet found out that Pim's family life was not as happy as it seemed because Phit (Pim's husband) had a mistress, Wan. Phet wanted to see a smile on Pim's face again like in the past. At the same time, the spirit sent warning to Phet that it was time for him to go back to his past life...

~Credits to Malie~

The cast:
Bie Sukrit as Phet/Put

Nok Sinchai as Phraepim (older version)

Vill Wannarot as Phraepim (younger version)

Grand Punwarot as MeuanMai

Tono Pakin as Khit

Oh Anuchyd as Thor

The couples:

Bie and Nok Sinchai

Bie and Vill

Tono and Grand

The trailer:

~Credits to malie7778~

Link to this lakorn:

malie7778 (without subs)
kawaei1410 (subs, not completed)

I do not own the photos, credits to the original owner...

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