Idols??? You have to be strong!!



~Big Bang~

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be an idol? To be just like TVXQ (both JYJ and current TVXQ), Big Bang, Wonder Girls or B2ST? To be as popular as them?

Great? Awesome? Well, think again! And carefully. For me, when you decided to go to that path, you have to be strong. I mean extremely...extremely strong!! You need to have strong voice, strong enough to shut off the mouth of people who might criticize you; strong in dancing; you so don't want to make silly mistake on stage, don't you?; and ultimately you need to have strong heart!!

When i was in uni, i was in choir, the soprano. And i know how hard it is to practice singing for hours. If people think that singing is just about open your mouth and let out your voice, then you're definitely wrong. It's tiring! And choir wasn't even involving dancing!!

I also used to dance. I even did dance performance in China. We had to practice dancing for hours everyday to have the perfect step. I'm telling you, it was not easy. And can you imagine idols are doing both at the same time, singing and dancing??? They are absolutely strong!!

And idols definitely need to have strong heart! They lose their freedom (thanks to the fanatic fans or paparazzi), they have to face anti(s), they have to listen and read craps that people say or read about them and so much more.

However, if being idols is the one thing that they want to be, then what we need to do is supporting them, right?After all, that's exactly the thing that they love. And if you love your job, you have passion in doing it, then i believe everything will be alright. So, to idols out there.....fighting!!! Aja..aja!!! Gambatei!!! =)

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  1. I absolutely agree.They lost their life and freedom for their passion and also for us, the fans.

  2. yup, and that's why we need to support them but not to d extend of being stalker or anything...