Currently addicted to...Nora Elena (Part 2)

Cont. from previous entry on Nora Elena. Part 1? Click here!

Wow!!! I can't believe i need two entries just to blog about Nora Elena!! Hehe... So, let's continue with the Part 2 of my 'currently addicted Nora Elena'.


~Siti Saliha as Nora Elena~

Isn't she beautiful??

~Aaron Aziz as Ahmad Seth Tan~

Our handsome guy....hehe

~Zul Ariffin as Idham~

Oh, yeah! Remember the synopsis? Well, i got it on the net and translated it directly into English. But as i watched it, the storyline doesn't really follow the synopsis. Let see, in the previous synopsis i wrote that Idham, Nora's fiancee left her because of the phone call informing him that Nora Elena was no more a virgin. But in the drama, he actually left her because he thought that Nora Elena was having an affair with Seth Tan, his boss. So, obviously he left her because of his stupid jealousy!!! Well, it's a loss for him and it's a gain for Seth...=)

For today's episode, Nora Elena and Seth got married. And you know what?? I was so over the moon as if they got married in real. Haha, of course cannot!!! Aaron Aziz is a happily married man in reality. And Siti Saliha is only 21 years old. Wow!! The age gap is actually 16 years!!! Ok, i'm so jealous with those people with the ageless face. Seriously, how can someone 37 years old looked like that??

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  1. makan jamu. ^^v menunggu filem ombak rindu. aaron berlakon as hariz.. yg tak best izzah, maya karin..huhuhu

  2. mkn jamu??? itu mmg something yg sy xkn buat, pahit kot!!!! haha..
    same her, tgh tunggu aaron as hariz, maya karin as x ksh sgt kot, maybe sbb nk tgk maya karin berlakon watak lain dr yg biase (walaupun muka dia serius x mcm perempuan kg..hehe)

  3. haha!! minat gak.. layan je..

  4. layan, jgn x layan...haha!!