Cinta......Tiada Akhirnya

~Cinta......Tiada Akhirnya~

Cinta…Tiada Akhirnya is the second part of the novel ‘Ombak Rindu’. It tells us the story of Izzah and Hariz after their happy ending in Ombak Rindu. And of course, their ‘happy-ending’ didn’t really last long. It’s another conflict, another obstacle for our two main characters. And this is the story of how they overcome everything to prove that they are indeed match-made in heaven!!!


Rentetan Perkahwinan rahsia antara Izzah dan Hariz di Ombak Rindu dipanjangkan lagi di dalam 'Cinta....Tiada Akhirnya’.

Kehidupan menjanjikan segalanya. Pahit, manis, suka dan duka. Satu perjalanan anugerah dari Maha Pencipta yang menjanjikan kematian dalam kembara kehidupan. Bagi kaki yang melangkah dan tangan yang menadah, terpulang pada insan itu sendiri mencorak hidupnya.

Inilah kisah.....CINTA .....TIADA AKHIRNYA, menyelami Izzah yang setia, hampir sempurna, menyajikan cinta pada suaminya, Hariz yang masih mencari diri dan cinta sejati.

Disulami detik cemas yang pasti mengocak minda, mendebar jiwa, CINTA....TIADA AKHIRNYA, akan menyerapi kehidupan setiap pembaca.

English Translation:

The story of secret marriage between Izzah and Hariz of Ombak Rindu is now continued in ‘Cinta….Tiada Akhirnya’.

Life promised everything; after all, it’s a bittersweet life with laugh and tears. It’s a journey, a gift from The Creator which promised death along the journey of life. And it’s all up to the man to color their own life and destiny.

And this is the story of….CINTA…TIADA AKHIRNYA, beyond the life of faithful Izzah, almost perfect, with one love for her husband, Hariz who still looking for himself and his true love.
With its suspense and thrill which touch the mind and soul, CINTA…TIADA AKHIRNYA, will go beyond the imagination of the readers!!

-End of English translation-

Owh, yes!!!! It is indeed go beyond the imagination of readers, but not in a good way…well, for me at least. I’m so sorry but Cinta……Tiada Akhirnya is just not my type of novel. When I love a novel, I will read it over and over and over again. But for CTA, once was enough. And on top of it, I skipped lots of part especially the part of Uncle Taha, the brother of Hariz (couldn’t remember his name)…well, just LOTS.

Nope, I’m not saying CTA is not a good novel. It’s great if you love novels or stories with too many conflicts. But as I wrote in my entry Ombak Rindu (The Novel), I prefer something more simple and straight to the point just like 'Pergilah Sepi', Fauziah Ashari’s very first novel. Yes, I love that novel, one of my favorite in my list of ‘Favorite Malay Novels’. So whatever I wrote about CTA is just my own opinion, no heart feelings, ok!! Peace!!! =)

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