【Yamaki】Defendant of Love (Jam Leuy Ruk)

Found this at Ling’s YouTube channel (eLinGchanPROD) and I’m telling you, this is the best Yamaki fanfic I’ve ever came across. Seriously, it’s super duper good!!! It just awesome!!! An epic, I must say!!!

I love it so much, not only because it is based on Jam Luey Ruk but also because the way Ling made this. She is very talented, one of the best Fanvid makers out there. If you don’t believe me, do check out her channel. You will be awestruck by her well-made videos…=)

And so, what is Yamaki?? For those who doesn’t know, it stands for Yamapi + Maki = Yamaki. It’s a nickname fans came up for Yamapi or his real name, Yamashita Tomohisa, our hottie from NEWS and Maki Hirokita, Japanese top actress who is…well, I think Yamapi’s best on-screen couple.

~Yamapi + Maki = Yamaki~

So, back to Yamaki Defendant of Love, like I’ve mentioned before, it is actually based on our popular lakorn, Jam Leuy Ruk starring Aum and Aff. Want to know more about JLR? Click here.

So, let's wait no more and now i present you....the Yamaki version of Defendant of Love!!!

First part:
The kidnapping, the love and the revealed truth...

Second part:
His love for her VS his deadly revenge plan...

~Both videos are fully credits to Ling at eLinGchanPROD~


Yamashita Tomohisa (Yamapi) as Harit
Maki Hirokita as Soraya
Nagasawa Masami as Sansanee
Ikuta Toma as Harin
Oguri Shun as Nukul/Nok-goon

p/s: See, i told you!!! These vids are just awesome!!!!

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