People said worry is when you care for someone, or perhaps just care for your own self. But I say, worry is the feeling that I dislike most. Every time I get worried about something, I have this ‘I can’t breathe!!!’ kind of feeling. I can’t do anything, it feels like the end of everything, and I definitely worry a lot, though I hate showing it to others.

I get worried when I can’t contact my sister for a day

I get worried when my brother told me that someone stole his book

I get worried when my father got into accident

I get worried when my mum got sick

I get worried when I could not find important documents for my meeting

I get worried when my friend texted me and told me ‘I need to talk to someone’

I just get worried!!!

But then I know why I get worried so much over myself, my family and friends. It’s because I care for them and of course myself. So yes, worry is when you actually care. It’s when you’re scared of losing someone or something. You can’t help yourself from thinking negatively about things no matter how optimistic you are. You feel like you cannot breathe, and you feel like everything seems to be a matter of life and death.

However, worry is a part of feeling that we, human being, homo sapiens have. Whether we like it or not, we just need to face it. Just like me, I seriously, seriously dislike this ‘worry’ feeling. But what else can I do?? It’s not like I can tell my brain, “Oh, miss brain, please get rid of this feeling…” So the only thing to do is trying to calm myself down and face whatever coming, right?

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