Ruj The Star - Ruk Diow Jai Diow (Eng Subs)

One of my favorite Thai song by Ruj The Star. Its the OST of Tomorrow I Still Love You starring Pong and Aom. Enjoy!!

~Credits to the owner of the vid~

Artist: Ruj The Star
Title: Ruk Diow Jai Diow
English Title: One Love, One Heart
Album: Star Voice
OST: Proong Nee Gaw Ruk Tur
Year: 2009

Lyric (English Translation):

Don’t be surprised
That no matter how long it’s been,
Time can’t stir my heart to switch from you
It would probably be impossible
When my heart is bound to only you
*Even when dreaming in my sleep,
I have only you
I couldn’t divide my love to give to anyone else
Now that I’ve found you,
It’s like I’ve found my purpose
Now that I have you, I don’t need anyone else
Yesterday, I loved you
Today, I love you
Tomorrow, I’ll still love you
I’m content in having you
From now on, no one else is going to understand
Me as well as you
In return I’ll give you
One love, one heart
Just like the ocean is enfolded by the sand
No one would be able to sever this heart
Regardless of time rolling by,
I’m even more confident,
We’re meant for each other

Repeat * twice

~Lyrics credit to Anothaidara~

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