Rak Mai Mee Wan Tay.....the beautiful finale

Rak Mai Mee Wan Tay (Love Never Dies) has officially ended on last April 12. Huwaaa!!! So sad!! I'm sooooo gonna miss the lakorn.

And of course, it was a happy ending for both Khun Triphoom and Plaichart. Ram and Maya were finally 'vanished into air' and Khun Triphoom became a human. Yay!!! =)

This MV by TheGurlo22 basically tells the finale of RMMWT. Do check it out!!

~Credits to TheGurlo22~

And don't forget to visit TheGurlo22's channel. She made lots of beautiful MVs...=)

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  1. hohohoho..pasni sara what's your next to watch list?=p

  2. 'Crossing time in search for love'....x sure plak tajuk siam die...ala yg Bie Sukrit, Vill, Nok Sincai, P'Oh berlakon...hehe

    Now tgh tayang, br 1 or 2 episodes je rsnye..

  3. hahahha..ni mesti sbb P'Oh kan?hahaha

  4. Plus macam menarik jugak bace sinopsis die ni..erm!! n ni tajuk thai= Kaam Wayla Tam Ha Ruk

  5. haha, memahami nmpk?? nk wat cm ne mmg suke P'Oh (walaupun menyampah ngn die dlm KKK..hehe)dan jugak sy suke Nok Sincai..=)

    a'ah, tular tajuk die...hehe,
    citer die mmg best, dhlar ala2 citer hindustan, ade nyanyi2, menari gitu tp bile tgk, nk tergelak pn ade...hehe

  6. Ohh, tula, nok sinchai tu walaupn tua dan belakon jd mak-mak pn still nmpk cantik kan???ni nk kne tgk gak la ni..haha

  7. kan?? kan?? tiap kali tgk die, akn rs 'i want to grow old gracefully like her'..=)