Rak Mai Mee Wan Tay....i'm sooooo loving it!!!!

~Khun Traipoom and Plaichart~

OMG!! I just love RMMWT!!! I love Khun Traipoom and I definitely love Plaichart!!! Owh, my love is in the air for RMMWT….hehe

So, what I love about Khun Traipoom???

1) He’s one fine hot-looking vampire…hehe
2) His husky voice (after all Dome is a singer)
3) His low toned voice (Khun Traipoom never raised his voice even when he was scolding Plaichart)
4) His strict personality (I’ve always find someone firm and strict so cool…haha!!)
5) His naughty and cute side (He just loves teasing Plaichart!!!)
6) The way he stares at Plaichart (If it was me, I’m going to melt on the spot…)
7) His super sweet actions

How about our cutie-pie Nang’ek??? Honestly I just love Ploy here! It’s my third time watching her as a cute Nang’ek, after Rak Leh Saneh Luang and Phoo Yai Lee Gab Nang Ma with Por Thrisadee. So, why do I love her??

1) She’s just too cute!!
2) Her bubbly and happy-go-lucky personality (She’s the type that will make you smile wherever she go)
3) She’s very childish
4) The way she dresses, simple yet lovely
5) Her awkward reaction every time Khun Traipoom stares at her (I love her “what should I do” reaction)

And I just looooove their times in Japan!!!! =)

1) Hyper-excited Plaichart is just tooooo cute

Plai: Finally!!!! I’m in Japan!!! Yay!!!! (Jumping like a kid)

Traipoom: …….. (Watching, smiling and shaking his head)

2) Loves the way Khun Traipoom pull Plai’s fur (that’s what she said…fur!!! Hehe)

Traipoom: …….. (Pulling Plai’s fur hood)

Plai: Khun Traipoom!!! Don’t pull my fur!!! It will come off…

3) They are so cute when Khun Traipoom pulls Plai’s bag

Traipoom: Come…. (Pulling her bag)

Plai: Eh??? Khun Traipoom, Khun Traipoom…. (Struggling to follow his steps)

4) When they reach the front door of their hotel room

Traipoom: I only booked one room for us (Looking at Plai with his naughty look…hehe)

Plai: Ehhhhh????

5) In their room…

Plai: Wow!!! This room is great!!! (Super excited, again)

Traipoom: Let me show you the bedroom (Smiling naughtily)

Plai: Wow!!! The bedroom is very nice!!! Owh, the bed!!! (Jumping on the bed)


Plai: Wait!!! There’s only one bed.. (Looking at Traipoom)

Traipoom: Yes, there’s only one bed…. (Looking naughtily at Plai, again!)

Plai: Ehhhh??? Don’t tell me we are going to sleep on the same bed?

Traipoom: ……… (Walking slowly and seductively towards Plaichart)

Plaichart: Ehh??? Ehh??? (Getting all awkward)

Traipoom: Haha!! Don’t worry. That’s my room. (Pointing to a room at the other side of the room)
Plai: …….. (Looking at Traipoom, dumbfounded)

Traipoom: Or are you feeling sad? Caused you cannot sleep with me??? (Asking Plai with his hot naughty smirk and walking slowly to his own room…)

Plai: …….. (Still confuse)

Plai: Eh, why do I have to feel sad? Wait!!!! What??? Do you think I really want to sleep with you??? Khun Traipoom!!!!

Haha!!!! I just looooove this scene. It’s funny, and Plaichart is just sooooo cute!!! =)

Actually, these are just some of their lovely scenes. There are more that I love; The robe and ‘so white!!’ scene; Their breakfast scene; Their holding hands scene; Their times in Universal Studio…owwh, I just looooove them!!! Haha!!!

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