Ka Kaung Kon…the happy finale

-This entry may contain spoiler for KKK for those who haven't watch KKK final episode-

I watched the last episode of KKK two days ago and I guess I do like its ending. Well, it’s a happy ending, why won’t I, right???

Actually, I watched the finale without subs. I was so annoyed with episode 19 that I can’t wait to watch the finale. Yes, I was basically very annoyed with the whole Khun Gluay and Jedsada thing in episode 19 that I skipped some parts of it and then I went, “Ok, that’s it. I’m going to watch the ending...”

And of course, it’s a happy ending. Jen was arrested by the police for trying to kill Khun Gluay's baby. Jedsada finally realized how much Khun luck loves Khun Gluay and decided to let her go. As for Khun Peemarn, he also realized his own feelings for Khun Nah Tah. I guess they decided to get marry. Well, I ASSUME since I cannot understand whatever they said…hehe…

What about our Pra’nang?? Well, of course there was a need for these scenes....

1) Nang’ek running away from Pra’ek
2) Pra’ek managed to hold Nang’ek, and begging her to forgive him
3) Nang’ek crying and trying to say NO
4) Pra’ek sweet-talked and confessed love again and again (while hugging her)
5) Nang’ek’s already-soft-heart melted and finally said “Chun ruk ter”

So, yes…it’s a HAPPY ending!!! And they got married again. This time it’s a proper wedding for them, with beautiful dress, dowry and everything. I love how Khun Luck was awestruck by Khun Gluay’s beauty. And I just love her wedding Thai tradisional dress…=)

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