Happy Book Day!!!

Today is 23rd April and you know what so special about today??? It’s Book Day!! Yes, Book Day. Never heard of it, let’s check out this brief history of World Book Day. I got this somewhere on the net.

~World Book Day~

IT is that time of the year when literary legends are honoured and the sale of reading glasses increases tenfold: on April 23, the planet will celebrate World Book Day.
If you haven’t been on the planet in the last few years, this is how the day began: In 1923, Spanish booksellers decided to mark the death on that day in 1616 of their most important literary figure, Miguel de Cervantes, author of what is considered the world’s first modern novel,Don Quixote.

Also, there is St George’s Day, marked on April 23 in Catalonia, where traditionally, men give roses to their lovers and the women give a book in exchange.
Then, in 1995, Unesco (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) decided to officially and globally make April 23 World Book Day for these two reasons and also because the date marks the death and birth anniversaries other literary greats such as William Shakespeare and Vladimir Nabokov.

So, Happy Book Day to all!!! =)

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