The famous Jam Leuy Ruk

~Jam Leuy Ruk~

I’m sure most of lakorn lovers out there have watched this. It’s Jam Leuy Ruk aka Defendant of Love, a 2008 top-rating lakorn. It’s so popular to the point of them making an election advertisement out of it. I love the ads, it was very funny. And the already famous Pra’nang, Aum and Aff rose to EXTRA stardom.

Jam Leuy Ruk is what I called as the classic revenge lakorn. You know, slap and kiss. You slap me, I kiss you…you slap me, I kiss you (though in real world, you slap me, I slap you double…haha!!). But this kind of genre is what viewers love most, I think. And those viewers are including me, hehe.. I just can’t get enough of slap and kiss, but I hate the attempted ‘R’ or successfully ‘R’ scene. It just disturbing!! As a woman, I definitely HATE violence towards women. Women are not things that men can do whatever they want on us. Hello, guys!! We, women have feelings!!!

Ok, I’m better get back to JLR. If I continue with this women thing, I will end up writing about my emancipation of women…haha!! So, what is this JLR all about??


JLR is a story of revenge, mistaken identity and love. The story begins with a bang, a bullet through the head. Harin, the younger brother of Harit (Aum) commits suicide after being jaded by his girlfriend, Sansanee. Harit, discovers his brother’s body and finds out from Harin’s suicide note that he was broken hearted over a break up with Sansanee who cruelly discarded him for another guy and also told him to go die.

Mentally distraught, fueling with rage, Harit vows to seek revenge. Harit plans to seek revenge by kidnapping Sansanee and putting her through varies laborious tortures. However, Harit kidnaps the wrong girl. Instead of the spoiled and bratty Sansanee, he kidnaps the innocent Soraya (Aff), the cousin to Sansanee.

Harit believes that Soraya is Sansanee no matter how many times Soraya tries to tell him. Soraya ends up accepting all the punishment doled out by Harit due to her wanting to repay her debt of gratitude to Sansanee because Sansanee once save her life from drowning when they were young.

As time goes on, Harit and Soraya irresistibly fall in love with each other. When at last the truth is revealed, Harit unwillingly let go of Soraya but with a more deadly plan; to get revenge on the real Sansanee no matter how much Soraya begged him not to...

Character analysis:

Here I rolled out some character analysis. I got this somewhere on the net, but totally forgot the source. So, fully credits to whoever did this character analysis…=)

Harit (35)…is a well-to-do pearl farm owner, a partner in a several classy hotels in Phuket. After his parents’ death, he has been the primary caretaker for his younger brother, Harin. Harit treats his brother more of a son than a sibling. His work and life has been dedicated to caring and fulfilling the dreams of his younger brother. Their parent’s left them so little; Harit has had to work and persevere to get to this point in his life. From the outside, he appears to be a man of the world, suave, and intelligent businessman. The real Harit is a simple man who enjoys being among nature than the city.

Soraya (22)…is a young, strong woman who recently graduated from college. She is the only daughter of a widowed gardener. Since the death of her father, Soraya had to endure a lot of hardship. Right off her father’s death, she was sent to live with her Aunt and Uncle and cousin Sansanee in Bangkok. She lived her Aunt and Uncle not as a niece but more of a servant to her cousin Sansanee. Though she is treated by her Aunt and cousin as a lowered person, she is grateful for the opportunity to live with them. Her relatives have financially supported her through university. Even after being wrongly kidnapped, she still feels the need to protect her cousin, Sansanee.

Sansanee (24)…is a spoiled little rich girl who has always gotten her way. She is the exact opposite of Soraya. She is a selfish attention seeker.

Tawatchai (30)…is a businessman who falls into allure of Sansanee. He has been intrigue with Sansanee since their study abroad days in England. He is an intelligent businessman with many women chasing after them. He’s your typical rich, glamorous, handsome white knight.

Nok-Goon (22)…is a childhood friend of Soraya. Like Soraya’s parents, he is also a gardener. He has harbored one-sided love for Soraya since childhood. When Sansanee tells everyone that Soraya ran off with another guy, he is the only person who believes otherwise. Throughout the lakorn, he is the only city character that knows that Soraya was kidnapped by Harit.

Harin (23)…is the younger brother of Harit. He’s the weaker and sensitive one in the family. After being dumped by his girlfriend, the overly sensitive Harin commits suicide.

Bountai(25)…is an annoying side character who happens to be the ex. of Harit. She has cheated on Harit with several men, but yet she still tries to win Harit back.

The trailers:

~Credits to the owner of the vids...~

The funny election ads...=)

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  2. Have you watch Buang Ruk Gammathep? Starring pong and bee.. It's cute drama although you will be annoyed with some of the characters and the dragging storyline.. hahhaha. It's lakorn after all. And we crazy over it.

    If not, you can watch at youtube under viviant111 channel, or just type Buang Ruk Gammathep Eng Sub. Happy watching..

    Btw, i haven't seen this yet because i am Tik and Pong bias..hahaha

  3. Nope, i haven't watch it. I did watched some of the fanmade MV, though. Since you recommend it (and since i've started to like Pong..hehe) i will try to watch it...=)

    Haha, it's funny when you said "It's lakorn after all. And we crazy over it" caused it just soooo true!!!

    Owh, you're a Tik bias??? Me, too!!! He's my no. 1 Pra'ek..hehe

  4. Hahahaha.. i'm so glad that i found someone which have same interest like me.

    Yup..I'm Tik bias.. And i've already watch most of his drama. The latest one is Wanida.. That drama is so sweet. I'm falling in love with him over and over again. =p

    Btw sara, how old are you? (Is it appropriate to ask personal background here?)hehe

  5. Me, too!! All this time, i only share my craziness over lakorns with my sis (luckily i have her, hehe) and now i've known others. I'm sooooo happy!!! =)

    Yup, Wanida is very sweet. I love both Tik and Aff characters, and also Aff's father!! Hehe.. And yes, i'm falling for him again, too. After all, he'a my heartthrob..=)

    Omo!! My age??? Do i need to answer that? Hehe..
    I'll be 24 in Oct, actually...=)

  6. So, i'm younger than you with one year gap...hahahha.. i'll be 23 in this coming July.. =p But, i think our age is not much different. We can be friend as same age friend.

    Sara, I also found that you like korean entertainment? Wooww!! Again, we are the same! =p

    p/s; do you have any facebook or anything? so that it is easy for us to chat..hehehhe

  7. Then i'm your unnie!! Haha..And yes, we can be friend as same age friend..=)

    So, you also like korean entertainment?? Wow!! We really do have lots in common, in a good way of course..=)

    p/s: facebook? of course i have one. i'll message it to your blog...=)

  8. This is the best synopsis I have seen made of any Thai lakorn. Thanks - you really have explained the story line well without giving away any secrets.

    I watched the show and really enjoyed it except for the "r..e" scene, which I felt went too far...I notice that a lot of these lakorns have the similar situation, is it a cultural thing? I am 55 years old so, I find it a bit strange discussing with young people who are 30 or more years younger than me, so I will comment as anonymous. Thanks again for a great site.

  9. Hi, anonymous!(it's weird calling people anonymous..haha..)

    Thanks, i'm happy to know that you find this is a good site. I guess i really have to credit my source of lakorns with eng subs (i.e. wishboniko, kudalakorn). Without them i can't really watch lakorn with subs..=)

    Yup, i hate the 'R' scene too, it's just too much. No, i don't think it's a cultural thing in Thailand. It's just in lakorn, not in real life. I guess they make it too common in lakorn to the point that non-Thai (like us) start to think that it's a norm in their life.

    Oh, you're 55 yrs old? Actually, i find it interesting to discuss things with someone older than me because you have more experiences, and more interesting way of thinking and for sure i can learn a lot. So yes, nice to meet you! =)