Broken Woman : Part 1

This is the first part of Broken Woman. It is basically to introduce you to our two main characters, Aril and Irissa. So it won't be too much story or conflict.

Frankly speaking, I am hoping that this story did started well. So, what do you think? Drop a comment, please. Thank you...=)


Broken Woman

all this while, i've always been alone...
i don't dare to love, i don't dare to be loved....
for love will only ends in a painful good bye...
and i've been hurt too much...

all this while, i've always been shown love...
i loved and i have love in return...
for love is a happiness that i treasured...
and i will show her LOVE...

-Part 1-

Aril’s POV

Today I watch her again, at the same spot as yesterday. She wore a lovely long dress with floral pattern. Her wavy hair was tied into a loose pony tail. For me she looked so beautiful, just like the statue one see in the malls. Her oval-shaped face; not-so-sharp nose but perfectly fit her face; pouty small mouth which reminded me of goldfish and her piercing brown eyes were just perfect.

I watched her as she handed over a bouquet of sunflowers to a gentleman and received the money for it. My eyes lingered on her face and at that very moment, she turned her head. Her eyes were looking straight at me. Yes, those two beautiful orbs were fixed on me…

“Oh my God, she saw me!!”

I immediately looked away and pretended to write something on my notebook. From the end corner of my eyes, I can see her walking towards me. Oh God, help me!! What should I do now??

“Excuse me. Who are you?”

I knew she said something to me. But I tried to ignore her. She was not supposed to see me. This was not supposed to happen. What did go wrong? All this times, she never saw me. She never even realized my existence. So, why now?

“I said…WHO ARE YOU???”

She grabbed my notebook, forcing me to look up to her. And I could see anger in her eyes. Suddenly I feel so small, so weak, and so vulnerable in front of the woman that I always adore.

Irissa’s POV

Today I could sense that somebody is watching me…AGAIN. This feeling has prolonged for almost 3 weeks now. When it first started I tried to ignore it, assuming that it was just my imagination. But now, I knew that something is wrong.

I looked around, trying to see someone who looked suspicious. I could see a man with a black cap on the opposite site of Lovely Daisy. He was sitting on a chair near the window of the café, sipping a cup of coffee. Somehow, I have a feeling that I’ve seen him before. He was the same man that I saw the other day, at the same spot, the same chair and the same black cap.

“It must be him.” I said slowly. As I was about to walk towards him, I heard someone coming into the shop.

“Excuse me. I would like to have a bouquet of sunflowers, please.”

“Yes, follow me please. What type of sunflowers you prefer?”

As I entertain the customer, I prayed silently that the man would not leave the café. I have to face him today. I just have to. All this while he has made me feels so uneasy. Kind of scared, I must say. It’s like having a stalker who watched you and you know it, but you cannot do anything about it.

“Thank you. This is lovely,” said the man while holding the sunflowers. I just smiled.

He handed over the money for the flowers. After thanking him, I immediately turned my head towards the café. I could see the man with the black cap. He was staring at me and I returned the stare. Now I am very sure that he was the man that has been watching me all this while. I took a deep breath and slowly walked towards him.

“Excuse me. Who are you?” I asked him slowly though only God know how angry I am right now.

He gave me no response. Instead, he was busy writing something on a notebook. I knew he was just pretending. And now I could feel myself burned with fire.

“I said…WHO ARE YOU?” I yelled at him.

Without realize it, I grabbed his notebook. He jerks slightly and looked up at me. Oh, God! He has the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen. They were pure black and so mysterious. It’s like they have the power to draw people into them, just like the Black Hole....

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