Around KL in one day

~Kuala Lumpur City~

Date: 22 September
Venue: Around KL

If you only have one day to spend in KL, what would you do? Where would you go? And what is the perfect place to spend your one day?

Well, my Japanese friend came to see me some times ago. He emailed me informing that he was coming and i was over the moon until i saw the date. It was Raya!! He was coming during the Eid holiday which of course means one thing = i WON'T be in KL. Oh, my!!

But since i really wanted to see him, i changed my plan and decided to came back to KL from my hometown early so that i can spend at least one day before he goes back to Tokyo. And yes, we did meet. So we ended up spending one whole day together. And where were exactly the places that we went? Ok, let me list them out....hehe

2) Kuala Lumpur Old Railway Station
3) National Museum
4) National Mosque
5) KL Tower

Yes, we went to five different places in just one day. And we used only public transports and we did walked a lot, i mean...A LOT.

Do click on the link to know more about our 'one day in KL' adventure!! =)

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