World's first wizard school opens

Found this on the net and i think it is something interesting to share.

Harry Potter is no longer a fantasy following the opening of the world's first wizard school.

Oberon Zell-Ravenheart has dedicated his life to studying the Dark Arts and now, the "Dumbledore" wants to make Harry Potter a reality.

The 68-year-old has opened the world's only registered wizard academy - the Grey School of Wizardry - in US.

"If you've ever read Harry Potter and wondered if wizards really do walk among us, I can tell you that we are absolutely real," Oberon told The Daily Mail.

Like "Hogwarts", the Grey School teaches 16 departments including Alchemy, Beastmastery, Horse-whispering, wand-making and spell casting.

Pupils who attend the magic schools are split into four ancient houses - Winds, Undines, Gnomes and Salamanders.

And just like Potter, students study a defence against the deadly Dark Arts.

"It's a serious qualification," the wizard insisted.

"We teach advanced Mathemagicks, Quantum entanglement, Cosmology & Metaphysics, Lore, Wortcunning (herbal medicine) and all the ancient sciences."

"We hold regular conclave summer camps for young wizards, and we are soon hoping to achieve some graduates in our four-year Master’s degree in magic."

Oberon is also an author who has written many books believed by the wizard community to be the 'bibles of Wizardry'.

According to Wikipedia, he completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Westminster College in Missouri. Two years later, he received a Doctor of Divinity from Life Science College in Illinois, then a teaching certificate from Harris Teacher's College in St. Louis.

Oberon met his wife, Morning Glory, at a pagan festival in 1973, where he was a keynote speaker.

They married less than a year later.

"She is my soulmate, we have everything in common," he said.

Together, the couple founded the mystical Ecosophical Research Association in 1977, before creating a unicorn Bedevere, using minor surgery to the horn buds of a goat.

The animal has long since died but Oberon keeps the remarkable skull as a prop in his bizarre home.

Source: The Daily Mail


Oberon and his wife, Morning Glory

So, what do you think?? I personally think that this...hmm, how could i say it??? Weird??? Or unbelievable??? I can't believe a wizard school would actually exist in a 'real' world. Well, i'm just hoping that our Mr. V would not come out and become real...hehe...

So anyone interested to try out for this school???

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