White Water Rafting

Date: 26 February 2011
Venue: Kuala Kubu Baru, Kuala Selangor

I just had my very first water rafting experience 3 weeks ago, and I’m telling you, it was awesome!!!!! The river was great, the current was strong, and thinking back….it was quite dangerous, but I just loooooove the thrill!!!! It’s a food for my adrenaline, I think..haha!!! =)

Honestly, I don’t know that Malaysia have this water rafting location until recently, when my office organized this one-day trip and of course, I went…”Wowh, we have this in Malaysia???? I’m so gonna do this!!!” Yup, because I just love greens and I love extreme sports!! =) And what’s more, it’s not even far from KL. It’s only around 1-hour drive from KL City.

The rafting distance from the starting point to the end was around 7-9 km, I think, with numerous heart-pounding rapids. And the rafting was about 3 hours; I mean a wonderful 3 hours with adventure and excitement…

So, what are the highlights of this white water rafting??? Hmmmm, let’s see….

[1] You will be entering a pristine jungle setting - no maddening crowds
[2] Scenic waterfalls
[3] "Lazy river" towards the end where you can float along
[4] Body surfing on some safe parts of the rapids
[5] "Chicken Drop" This rapid will sometimes want to fold your raft
[6] Hydraulics will toss your raft as though you are in the spin cycle of a washing machine
[7] "2nd Canyon" - Wham!, Bam! and look out another rapid up ahead!

And what's important in water rafting???? They are....

Back pedal!!!!
Sit in!!!!


They are just thrilling!!!! Don't you think so???

More information on white water rafting in Kuala Kubu Baru:
  • Minimum age: 16 years old
  • Maximum age: 60 years old
  • Grade: 1-4
  • Departs: Ex Kuala Kubu Bharu
  • Includes: Rafting equipments , Experienced Guides , Group First Aid Kit , On River Snacks and Lunch
  • Group size: Minimum 5 pax / Maximum 60 pax

Or you can click on the link below:

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  1. Yah, water rafting is an extreme sport that lets you have an adventure that you've never experienced before. Also, allowing yourself to engage in this kind of experience can help boost your stamina, your physical strength and it's a great way to make friends as well. Truly a one-of-a-kind event!