A twist in Ka Kaung Kon…she’s pregnant!!

Owh, I just love the not-so-cliché style of KKK. And my favorite one would be Khun Luck’s claim that his Gluay is pregnant with his child. In most of the lakorns that I’ve watched, when there’s someone claiming to be prego, that person would be the annoying, irritating Nang’rai.

Here I came up the usual “i’m pregnant” scenario….hehe

Nang’rai: “I’m pregnant, you have to be responsible…” and then, weeps, weeps….(Ewwwwww, so annoying!!!)

Pra’ek: “What??? But I……” (Looking at his Nang’ek with guilty feeling)

Nang’ek (while crying and after slapping her man): “We are over!!!! You’re going to be a father, you’ve to be responsible.”

Pra’ek: “But I love you, I want to be with you…” (Now crying and grabbing his Nang’ek)

Nang’ek: “There’s nothing between us anymore. Please think of the baby; please be a good father…” (Owh, Nang’ek…Nang’ek, you’re being stupidly too good, too kind hearted again…haha!!)

So, when Khun Luck came up with the idea of claiming that Khun Gluay is pregnant, I was “Wow!!! You’re so tricky, Mr. I love my wife, but I don’t want to tell her…” Haha!!

And now he has to make sure that she gets pregnant for real, which he might successfully did in Ep. 10…hehe. Well, let’s just wait for our little Luck or little Gluay…=)

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  1. Grettings from Panama. Thank you Sara for the preview. I am dying here to watch next episode.

  2. Hi, Vicky!!! You are welcome..

    Me, too!!! I'm dying to watch the next episodes, but now i feel a little sad since it's going to end soon. I'm surely gonna miss this lakorn...huhu

  3. omg found ur blog.. and was looking for KKK review and yeahhh i love how khun luck doesnt be like typical praek.. hehe.. anyway r u malaysian? im waiting for last episodes to be subbed.. ;)

  4. me too!!! he really is not like typical pra'ek and i love him for that....hehe

    yup, i'm malaysian. u too, rite?? glad to meet another malaysian lakorn lover...=)