TVXQ 이것만은 알고 가 (Before U Go) MV

Our two boys (manly boys) had just released a new MV!!! The song titled "Before U Go" will be included in their repackaged album "Keep Your Head Down" which will be released together with all other songs like Maximum, How Can I and Confession.

So, girls...take a deep breath, prepare your heart and let's check this out!!!

~TVXQ - Before U Go~

I love the song and the MV of course!!! Yunho and Changmin looks EXTRA handsome. We can see different sides of them as police with that black suit, fighting scenes and gun. And i just love their serious look!!!

But Changmin and his deadly stare, scared the hell out of me!! If he stare at me like that, i'm sure i'm gonna shiver to the bones, melt at the spot and my soul gonna flies away...haha!!

By the way, i still cannot get used of watching TVXQ as two (Yunho and Chnagmin), just as much as i can't get used of seeing Jae Joong, Yoochun and Junsu as JYJ. For me, TVXQ are five. Yeah, i know...i know that i need to accept the fact that they might not be together again, but somehow my brain and heart seems to NOT able to digest that fact...huhu

What ever it is, let's just pray the best for all the boys, all five of them and always keep the faith!!! =)

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