Thank you to Wishy @ Wishboniko.....=)

Today, when i browse through Wishboniko's channel, i had this surprise. Wishy had wrote that she will stop subbing lakorn if people keep pushing her. Truthfully, i understand her feeling. She must be very tired. She tried her very best to keep subbing, but some of the viewers keep pushing her, and asking for more and more. It just too much!!! Seriously, people need to know that she also has her own life!! She needs rest, she needs vacation....

I personally think that Wishy subs because she loves lakorn and she wanted people who cannot understand Thai language (like me!!) to watch lakorn and love lakorns. Yes, that's what really happened to me. Because of this girl, named Wishy (i don't know Wishy's real name, sorry...) i started watching lakorn. Well, i've always like lakorns since years and years ago, but since it was difficult to find one with subs, i was kinda stop trying to watch lakorn. And then, i found this channel 'Wishboniko' on YouTube and my craziness over lakorns came back to me!!!

So, if Wishy could read this, i would like to tell her....

Dearest Wishy, we (the viewers) are very sorry if there's some of us keep pushing you. Please don't stop subbing. You're such a good lakorn subber and i really, really appreciate your works. If you're gone, i don't know where else could i watch good lakorns with English subs. If only i could understand Thai....huhu

Wishy, i know you're very tired, then go and have your rest. No matter how long it will be, take it...take your loooooong rest. You really deserve it. We will be here, waiting for you to come back. Just please don't quit subbing for good, please don't leave us...=(

Last but not least, thank you, dear....Thank you so much!!! For everything you've done, for all your hard works, for staying with us all this times, thank you....and i wanted you to know that you're very much appreciated...

I wish i could do more for you, than just a word of thank you.....

I love you, mmmmmmmmmuah!!! =)

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  1. Hi.. Im agree wit you.. I just browse youtube and find out that our beloved subber Wishboniko is gone.. At that moment i feel like my heart stop beating n i cant breath for while n cry..huhuhuhu.. Wer r u wishboniko.. As you said to wishboniko ' go and have ur loooonngggg rest n come back when u ready.. We will wait no matter how long it takes but just vome back to subb more n more beautiful thai lakorn... Im so agreed wit you.. Let pray that wishboniko will come back to subb again..