Sayonara Dream High....=(

~Dream High~

Owh, I still can’t believe that Dream High has ended!! I seriously don’t want it to end. I still want to watch bubbly-turned-hot Sam Dong, kind-hearted Jin Guk , mean-turned-good Hye Mi, sweet-turned-evil-turned-sweet Baek Hee, cutie-pie Jason and adorable Pilsuk. For the past 2 months, I’ve been living with them (yeah, right!!) and now how can I NOT living with them???? Hehe…

~I surely gonna miss these guys...huhu~

Dream High… hmmm, how can I describe it?? It has been so long since I last so excited with k-drama. The last one was…hmmm, was it Boys Over Flower?? And it wasn’t even because Goo Jun Pyo and Jan Di. Sorry, but I love BOF because of SoEul, yes…my sweet Yi Jung and cute Ga Eul. And when I first watched Mary Stayed Out All Night, I was so into it. But throughout the series, I…well, kinda disappointed with the story line...(Huhu, sorry to KJW and MGY…) And same goes to Bad Guy ( I hate the ending!!!). But I do love My Girlfriend is Gumiho… =)

So, back to DH…The ending was perfect!!!!! Honestly, I did hope for happy ending, but perfect???? Nope, of course!!! Well, I’ve been disappointed with so many k-dramas ending before, so let’s play safe…do NOT put too much hope in k-drama ending. But then DH did have such a perfect ending. And I’m very happy with it….=)

~The beautiful final scene...~

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  1. rindu nk tgk Dream High jugak. I bet I will watch it for second time. huhu..ending org lain ok, tp mcm cacat bg ak utk sam dong ngn GHM. bgla can diorang jumpa balik ke. borak2x cket. haish..
    tp ak puas hati sam dong ngn Go hye Mi. walaupun kesian ngn jin guk. Best scene, time sam dong nmpk gmba dia. ak yg happy lebih2x. hahah..

    sekian, komenku.


  2. ye, setuju!!! sy akn tgk lg, more than twice, pikir2 btl gak...lg best klu sam dong jump blk ngn hye mi, peluk2 ke...haha..
    time SD tgk gmr die 2, sy pn menjerit excited!!! =)