Khun Gluay of Ka Kaung Kon is going to make babies?????

Khun Luck is surely going to be happy about this. After all, that’s exactly what he’s trying to do (watch ep. 10..hehe). Nope, that’s not what I mean, actually. Sorry for such controversial title, haha!!

I just read this in iheartlakorns and wanted to share it with you. Yes, our KKK Nang’ek, Noon Woranuch is going to take a break from the entertainment industry to start a family with her dear hubby, Todd. Thanks, Lyn for the info…=)

~Noon Woranuch~

Noon and Todd has been married for almost a year (their first anniversary will be in May). They got married in May 2010. The traditional wedding ceremony and the registration of her marriage were held on May 14, 2010 but the reception was held on May 19, 2010.

I think their marriage is one of a kind that we cannot easily forget because it was held amidst turbulent time in Bangkok, at the height of the protest in the city. The reception was actually held a day after the burning of Central Shopping Mall in Bangkok by protesters.

~Noon and hubby, Todd~

And now, I would personally wish her good luck and I’m hoping that both her and her husband will have beautiful babies….=)

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