Ka Kaung Kon….Margie is gone…=(

I wish I don’t have to write about this. But, yes…you didn’t read it wrong. Our cute adorable Margie in KKK will be gone. Margie has leukemia at final stage and after fighting for some times, she will be leaving her daddy, mummy, uncle Peemarn, auntie Nah Tah, grandma and everyone else.

Huwaaaaaaaaa!!!!! It just too heart breaking. I seriously, seriously hate this EXACT style of making cute adorable kid to die in their lakorns. Remember Tommorrow I’ll Still Love You?? The little girl (Por’s niece) also died…

“Margie love daddy...”

This is Margie’s last word for her beloved daddy. She told Khun Luck that she loves him when they were in the hospital before Margie was operated. It was really, really sad watching her in pain. And Khun Luck tried so hard to not cry in front of her. It must be hard for him to do that…huhu

“Margie love mummy…”

Margie’s last word for Khun Gluay was actually in her dream. Khun Gluay was sleeping in her room when she dreamed of Margie in white dress teasing her and hugging her and then tells her how much she loves her mummy. And Khun Gluay was about to hug her more, Margie was gone….=(

When I watched the episode, my heart surprisingly goes to Peemarn. He was so devastated that his child was sick and passed away. He blamed himself and he being the cry-baby of the family, did cry a lot!! He cried when he watched Margie sleeping, he cried when he watched Margie playing, he cried when he talks about Margie, well…he just cried and cried and cried…… If I were Khun Nah Tah, I would definitely say, “Stop crying!! Brace yourself, be strong. Margie doesn’t want to see you like this…”

Good thing Khun Nah Tah is not me, I mean she’s not as cold-hearted as me. I’m sorry but I just cannot stand a cry-baby man. One time is fine, I kinda like a man who could cry, not just keeping everything inside for the sake of his pride; two, three times are also fine but too many times??? I’m so sorry but it’s just annoying!!

Okay, okay….it’s totally fine for me that he cries for his daughter. But the other times??? When Khun Gluay rejected him, when he found out that Khun Luck is going to marry Khun Gluay, when Khun Nah Tah decided to withdraw the engagement and so many other crying scenes. Seriously, Khun Peemarn needs to learn how to NOT cry over everything…..

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