For us women, it's IWD!!

Do you know what's special about last March 8?? It was Women’s Day and what's more, it was 100th International Women’s Day. So to all women out there, Happy Women’s Day!!!! It was the day for us, yes for us women!!!

So, what’s so great of being a woman?

Honestly, there are times when I think that it is so hard to be a woman. You have this ‘moment’ once a month which come with the package of stomach cramp, backache, nausea and of course emotion instability. And sometimes you feel like you can’t control your own emotion; you tend to be so picky and so fussy over small things (which eventually led to men’s popular quote “I don’t understand women”); you’re physically weak (I hate to admit this, but it’s the truth); and… don’t know about cars!!!

But, still….being a woman is the best!!!

Yes, it is true that women are physically weaker than men, but emotionally we are more superior. “Huh??? Then what’s with the crying things??” You might ask me that. Actually, we are emotionally stronger BECAUSE we cry. We cry to let out of our feelings, we cry so that we will have the strength to go on, we cry to feel better and sometimes, we cry for nothing. That’s why women tend to cry her heart out, and then walk away as if nothing happened.

And as for men, they don’t cry, they hide everything inside them, and I think that is exactly what eats them from inside out. I have many male friends whom I think cannot stand pressure and stress. Some of them becomes overly, overly hot tempered (I’m lucky that they never get angry at me), some actually said something like “I feel like killing myself…” and I became “Huh????? No, you’re NOT!!!!” And that’s when I feel “Owh, these guys really need to know how to share their problems with others…”

P/s: This is just my personal opinion. Some of you (especially men) might not agree with this. Whatever it is, everyone have right to think whatever we want to think, right???

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