Currently addicted to....Ka Kaung Kon!!!!

~Ka Kaung Kon~

Ok, i'm so addicted to this Ka Kaung Kon aka A Person's Value!!!
This lakorn is currently airing and so far i think there are 7 episodes. If you want to watch it with English subs, you can look for it at YouTube. Ananymousblue2001 is subbing it. Thanks so much, dear!!!! =)

~Pong and Noon~

The Pra'ek and Nang'ek for KKK is Pong Nawat and Noon Woranuch. Remember Pong??? He's Por from Tomorrow I'll Still Love You, my other favorite lakorn. As for Noon, honestly i never watched her before. Yeah, i know she's quite popular but....i'm not sure, maybe i just cannot find any of her lakorns that attract me before. Guess i need to start digging out more about her and her lakorns...haha!!

KKK is like your common slap and kiss, i-hate-you-but-i-love-you lakorn. But still, i love it!!! Well, i mean so far i love it. There's still looooong way to go before i can really say that this is a very good lakorn. I'm just hoping that in the middle of this lakorn, there won't too much conflict with too much of Nang'ek stupidity and too much of Pra'ek uncontrollable jealousy. These kind of things are just not my type of coffee....

But so far, i'm loving their characters. Noon as Khun Gluay is not your common 'cry baby' Nang'ek, i think. She knows how to fight, how to protect herself and a very composed lady. And Pong as Khun Luck is...well, your common Pra'ek actually. But i do like the fact that he knows how to control his jealousy (just a little!!!), he listens to her and he respects her though she is her wife-in-name only.

So, what is this KKK about??


KKK is about Khun Gluay, a beautiful Thai traditional dancer. She met Khun Luck, a rich guy who thinks that every woman is just a price tag. Khun Luck has a brother named Peemarn who is deeply in love with Khun Gluay. When they first met, Khun Luck insulted her saying that she just want money from his brother and they quarreled. Khun Gluay told him that money cannot buy a person's value.

However, Khun Gluay's brother Kai is in debt with a loan shark and put their Grandma's garden house in mortgage. They need 10 million bath to pay to the loan shark if they want to keep the house. And in the mean time, Peemarn's mother, Khun Kare is trying to marry him off with Khun Nah Tah, a minister's daughter and also the daughter of his boss. So to keep him away from Khun Gluay, Khun Luck need to marry her first.

Khun Luck agrees and hires Khun Gluay to be his fake wife. Though not wanting it, Khun Gluay agrees as she need the money to save the garden house. And they will divorce once Peemarn agrees to marry Khun Nah Tah. Little did they know that they will fall deeply in love with each other....

The trailer:

~Credits to Ananymousblue2001~

Link to this lakorn:

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  1. hey glad to know that you're watching lakorn too.
    i'm crazy over lakorn too these days. most of the lakorn that you wrote about, i've watched it. gr8 recommendation you gave to others who haven't start their addiction over lakorn.

    greetings from penang ;-)

  2. hi!!!
    me too, so happy to know that you're also crazy over lakorns...hahaha...
    lakorns are great, rite??? i can never get enough of them...=)

    btw, thanks for the comment....^_^

  3. Hiii sara... we are in the same boat..
    i'm crazy over lakorn too..hahhaha.. and we both are malaysian!

    do share with us your favorite lakorn..and i love your blog!! simple yet attractive!

    and definitely i already watch most of your recommended lakorn..

    p/s; i already become one of your follower.=p

  4. Hello, dear!!!
    So happy to meet one more Malaysian lakorn maniac..hehe..=)

    Yes, of course!! I'm more than willing to share my favorite lakorn, and since you love my blog and left me comment i became more enthusiastic than ever..haha!! Thanks!!

    p/s: thanks for becoming my follower...=)

  5. can u plis tell me where i can get KKK with a gud was really hard to find ch7 lakorn in utube..i mean wth eng sub..ch8 has wishboniko n ch7?? i luv KKK so much..even its too late now..hehe...thanx 4 ur info sara =)

  6. anonymous: hmmm, actually i've put the link in the above entry. anonynousblue2001 has subbed it. and the quality is quite okay...=)

    i think i know why less people are subbing ch7. because their lakorns tend to get too dragging and became too long...hehe

  7. ok,thanx...well,only anonynousblue2001 has subbed it..i dont care about their quality now coz i still want to watch it..very glad knowing that u're also mlysian..hehe
    honestly,ch7 also hve a gud lkorn..coz they still use aum,noon..even they r getting older..not really like new actor/ess actually..hehehe,coz most of lakorn doesnt suit them like nadech n yaya..they are only below than 20..

    have u watch taweepob, rahut rissaya n soo sang tawan from ch7? . i recmended 2 u..really great lakorn,but i dont see anyone subbed this...for certain part,yes,there is!

  8. yeah, you should. it's one of the best 2011 lakorn. i like it!

    oh, u're malaysian too?? then nice to meet u, it's just great knowing one more lakorn lover frm my own country...hehe

    yup, ch7 do have good lakorn. and in fact, aum phiyada is actually my fave nang'ek besides kob(but i'm not sure if Kob is from ch7).

    haha!!! i know what you mean. sometimes the scenes in lakorn are just not too appropriate for the newbies especially if they're only 18 and 19...hehe. but i do have to admit that they're good actors/actress...=)

    erkk, actually i haven't watch all the mentioned lakorns. i know taweepop, it's the one with Om and Pancake, rite? as for rahut rissaya, it was a popular lakorn few years ago, is it? soo sang tawan? this is the 1st time i heard of it...hehe

    maybe i'll try to look for them some time later. you know what? if i think a certain lakorn is good, i would actually watch it even without subs...hehe

  9. hahhaha,nice..yup,kob is from ch7..she alwayz got a great lakorn such as silamanee n nang tard..for aum piyada,shes now in ch5..not really active now after being a wife..

    but i do luv mark prin..hehhe,he looks very kind person..n margie too..nice couple with boy pakorn..=)

    yup,om akkapan n pancake..ramai yg xsuke pncake sbnrnya,tp smua org admit cter tu mmg best n rmai yg suke,lbh2 ag p' certain2 part cter tu kt utube,sgt klkar..hehehe..rahut rissaya pon best,kwen kontrak suami dye sgt sweet sbb cter ni n'ek yg degil n ego..hehehe..soo sang tawan best,psl dndm kt mk sdri..jtuh cnta ngan adk sdri la...

    p/s;ckp mlyu je la ya,pnjg plak komen..hehehe,jgn mrh...

  10. hahaha!!! so awak ni orang melayu ke? susah2 je cakap org putih...hehe...=)

    a'ah, kob...lakorn dia mmg best2. silamanee tu mmg meletop. tp lakorn Kob yang sy plg suke tajuk dia 'duangjai patiharn' dgn Num.

    mark prin? honestly antara sume2 newbies, mmg sy plg suka dia. mcm awak ckp, sbb muka dia mcm muka bdk baik..haha!! itu yg waktu dia berlakon jadi jerk dlm Ngao rak luang jai, sy ttp rs dia mcm x ckp jerk je...hehe

    margie pn sy suke sbb dia cam selamba je and make a cute couple dgn boy pakorn.

    a'ah, mmg ramai x suke pancake. tp itu sbb kes dia dgn Weir. apalah nk kisah sagt psl personal life diorg kn?

    p/s: ap nm awak?

  11. hahaha,ats2 uh rmai yg ckp bi,spking je la,walhal pon suke num,antra hero2 yg baik selain ken..duangjai patiharn,ad nmpk link kt blog ni jgak..hehe..

    mark tu da la bljr pndai..dorg smua bljar tngi2..mark tu siap dpt scholarship lg..hihihi

    ntah la..sbb kate org weir tu org baik,n dye clash ngan weir sbb suke pae lam lakorn dorg tuh..dorg tu mmg jnis x suke sgt ngan arts yg suke tkar2 psngn ni..yg loyal uh,brbuih2 mlut puji..

    pngl je nik..xreti nk kmen gne slain pon xde..