Currently addicted part 2....Rak Mai Mee Wan Tay

~Rak Mai Mee Wan Tay aka Love Never Dies~

I love this, i love this lakorn!!!!

This is my second current addicted lakorn. The first one is Ka Kaung Kon (currently 10 episodes on air). As for RMMWT, I'm not sure how many episodes has been aired, but so far there are 2 episodes with English subs. You can find it at Wishboniko channel. Thanks Wishy and love you!!! =)

So, back to our RMMWT, it has a touch of Twilight, Buffy, Angel, True Blood... Get the hint??? It's vampire!!!! Yes, our classic hot, handsome, women-biting creature from the dark world. And that lucky person to be our hot Mr. Vampire is none other than Dome Pakorn!!!! And his human love interest is???? It's Dome own ex-girlfriend, Ploy Cherman!!! (Please ignore the 'ex-girlfriend' part, i'm so not going to touch about their past relationship..hehe..)

~Dome Pakorn and Ploy Cherman~

So, what is this lakorn all about??


400 years ago, 2 gold digging brothers, Prawet and Jit steal 117 pieces of treasures from the Immortal Dragon Cave. They both are attacked by blood-sucking bat and they are cursed to be immortal. To remove this curse, they must return all treasures they stole to the cave. Prawet wants to do it, but Jit doesn't agree with his brother. This conflict causes these 2 brothers to be enemies against each other.

Jit kills Prawet by burning him but before Prawet died, he manage to tell his son to gather all 117 pieces of the treasures to break the curse. He bite his son Traipoom (Dome Pakorn) to make him immortal so that he can find the treasures. Traipoom then becomes a vampire.

400 years after that, in the present time, Traipoom leads a normal life as a millionaire who is also an antique collector. He meets Plaichart (Ploy Cherman) in an antiques auction event and Plai develops instant dislike towards him because of his cold character and because he doesn't want to give her a job. She even called him 'white-faced heartless guy'.

With some persistance, Plai manage to get the job of taking care of the antiques for Traipoom, and she promised him that she will help him find the remaining 8 of Immortal Dragon Cave treasures. As time goes on, Traipoom and Plai's relationship begins to develop. And Traipoom falls deeply in love with Plai. So does Plai.

However, Ram, Jit's son and Maya, a girl who loves Ram try to obstruct Traipoom from returning the treasures. Ram wants to keep his immortality. Things getting more complicated when Ram meets Plai and falls in love with her. Finally, Traipoom finds 116 pieces of treasure. There's only the Dragon knife missing. The knife can help Traipoom to be free from the curse of immortality. But Ram would do anything to stop Traipoom and to have Plai. So, it's time for Traipoom to fight for his freedom and to protect his love......

The trailers:

~Credits to Wishboniko~

So lakorn lovers, don't you agree with me??? This lakorn is very interesting, right?? I just love the way Traipoom becomes relax when he is with Plai, and he smiles only when she's there with him. And the way he takes care of her...owh, it melts my heart...haha!!

Link to this lakorn:
wishboniko (up to 3 episodes)
Kawaei1410 @ viki (completed)

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  1. I really like this drama. Dome looks so hot and handsome. Wish to see more drama of him and Ploy again. Thank u for sharing the MV. :)

  2. me too! I wish they will act again. i just love their chemistry..=)

  3. Dah repeat tgk lakorn ni berpuluh2 kali. Tp still xboring. Akak please make this guy as ur next hero.