Owh, my sweet milky couple!!! =)

Finally!!! The moment that i've been waiting for!!! haha..
And now i would like to announce that Jason and Pilsuk are officially a couple!! Yay!!! =)

Jealous Jason and Pilsuk are wayyyyyyyyy too cute!!! I think i should thank Sam Dong for causing Jason to be so jealous...haha!! Now i remember watching Wooyoung in a program and he said...

"In the eyes of Jason, there's only Pilsuk."

"He cannot see anyone else except Pilsuk..."

Owh, that's sooooooo sweet!!!!! And i'm loving it....haha

~credit to 2pmkenzoreipd~

to 2pmkenzoreipd, thank you so much for all the sub scenes of Jason/Pilsuk. I really, really appreciate it....luv u!!! =)

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