OMG!!! It's Milky Couple!!! =)

Ok, now i'm having my "i'm crazy of you" disease. And my latest obsession would be????

Tada!!! It's Wooyoung and IU aka WooU couple aka Milky couple!!!!

~Cute Wooyoung and adorable IU~

And it's all because of Dream High Jason and Pilsuk...

~Manner guy Jason and chubby Pilsuk~

OMG!! They're just too cute. It's like cuteness overloaded!!!
I've never feel like this ever since my SoEul biasness. Wait, i think i love Milky couple more than SoEul. Opps, sorry to SoEul fans..hehe..

~The first meeting...~

~Lollipop...the token of thanks and love???~

~The confession....I think i've fallen for you...~

~Time to start showing your love, right Jason??? hehe..~

A little MV for you, guys....Credits to the owner..=)

~Dream High드림하이 - Pilsuk/Jason Moments(Can't Let You Go Even If You Die)~

And now, let's take a look at Wooyoung adorable faces. Oh, my!!!! I seriously...seriously feel like pinching his cheeks...haha!!!

~Isn't he cute???? hehe...~

p/s: i've just watched Jason/Pilsuk ep. 13, the jealousy scenes are wayyyyyyyyyyy too cute!!!! haha...=)

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